Remembering Urban Cummings

By Canopy Team on March 6, 2024

Urban Cummings volunteering at the Arbor Day Festival in 2014.

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, Canopy lost a friend and champion. 

Urban Cummings, a long-time volunteer, former Canopy Board Member, and dear friend, passed away after a fearless and enthusiastic life well-lived. In his passing, the Canopy community finds great joy in reclaiming his long and colorful contributions to the organization. Always active in his community, Urban joined Canopy’s Board of Directors in 2007 to share his love of trees. 

Urban with Forest Preston, the pair embodying our love for tree puns.

Canopy Co-Founder Susan Rosenberg remarked on Urban’s kindness and how by the power of his wonderful personality he attracted friends and supporters to Canopy. Often wearing his trademark tree hat as a volunteer and leader, Urban enthusiastically shared his many talents (and there were many) with Canopy staff, volunteers, and colleagues. 

Michael Hawkins, former Canopy Program Director, recalled how after Urban’s time on the board, you could still count on him to show up at the most unexpected times with a small gift, a sweet treat, or even just a newspaper clipping. Something which showed he’d been thinking about you, and that, along with his buoyant and, yes, boyish charm left you feeling a little brighter than you did before. 

We will miss these visits from Urban. To his beloved spouse, Chris, and his children and grandchildren, we extend our gratitude and love for sharing Urban with Canopy for so many years. We look forward to joyfully planting trees in his honor.

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