Volunteering with Canopy

At Canopy, our volunteers are pivotal to the work we do and everything we accomplish. We would not be able to fulfill our mission without you.

Canopy needs your help, as a volunteer, advisor, committee member, educator, or supporter. Whether in neighborhoods planting trees, in the classroom inspiring the next generation, lending your voice and expertise on one of our committees, or representing us at events, we need your help in growing our community.

Contact [email protected] for more ways to get involved, and be sure to subscribe to our Volunteer Wire newsletter to be notified when new volunteering opportunities become available!

Join the Advocacy Committee!

We are looking for passionate people from our communities of service, especially Belle Haven and North Fair Oaks, who want to elevate their community’s voice.

The Advocacy Committee provides input and oversight for planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating Canopy’s various Advocacy Program activities. This effort involves engaging with policy makers, participating in public policy updates, meeting with community members, providing expertise, tracking tree-related issues in your community, and attending city or county meetings as a Canopy representative. The Committee works in conjunction with Canopy’s Tree and Education Committees on topics that overlap those areas.

Read our Covid-19 Policies and Protocols, and learn how Canopy is adapting our programs to keep our volunteers, staff, and community safe.

“Taking only a fraction of a single Saturday, helping with the Young Tree care Survey from Canopy provided me with a feeling of being able to give something back to my community.”

~ Wook Lee,
Canopy Volunteer

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