Junior Foresters

Junior Forester Leaders

Canopy’s Junior Forester Leadership Program

Canopy’s Junior Forester Leadership program is an opportunity for high school students to train as outdoor educators and environmental leaders.  

Canopy is an environmental nonprofit that plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. Not only do we plant trees, but we teach people of all ages about why they are important to human and ecosystem health.

In the Junior Forester Leadership Program, we train high school students to do the teaching!

Through the spring, the Junior Forester Leaders (JFLs) work with 3rd- and 4th-grade students, the “Junior Foresters”, in the after-school programs at the Belle Haven School in Menlo Park and the Los Robles School in East Palo Alto. JFLs teach the Junior Foresters about tree structure and function, plant growth and health, and the human impacts on the environment, all while planting and caring for trees on campus.

This is a wonderful opportunity for JFLs to build their confidence as educators, leaders, and stewards of the environment!

Where is the program?

  • The program takes place at the Belle Haven School in Menlo Park and the Los Robles School in East Palo Alto.

What will you do?

  • You will learn about the benefits of trees and tree biology.
  • You will be trained to plant and care for trees and will learn techniques for leading others in tree stewardship activities.
  • You will be trained in outdoor education and teaching strategies for engaging young students in scientific inquiry and hands-on learning.
  • You will design lessons, games, and activities to teach about trees.
  • You will guide students in planting and caring for trees on their school campuses.


Applications are now closed for the 2023 Fall JFL cohort. We will open the applications for the 2024 Fall JFL cohort at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year. Email Environmental Educator Tania Cooley at [email protected] if you have any questions.