Board of Directors

Laura Martinez (she/her)

Holly Pearson (she/her)

Sally O’Neil (she/her)

Marilyn Keller (she/her)

Jonathan Herbach (he/him)

Mar Y Sol Alvarado (she/her)

Dave Armstrong (he/him)

Maria Chai (she/her)

Mary Dateo (she/her)

Philip Jonas (he/him)

Uriel Hernandez (he/him)

Peying Lee (she/her)

Kirsten Mouradian (she/her)

Jose Talavera (he/him)

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Serving on the Canopy Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity for individuals who are passionate about trees and the quality of life they bring to the local urban environment. The Board is seeking new members with the vision and skills needed to address Canopy’s regional growth and long-term financial sustainability.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at [email protected].

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“Canopy meshes strategic vision and planning, technical know-how, volunteer and community partnering, educational outreach, and STILL manages to plant and care for thousands of trees on our streets and neighborhoods.”

~ Susan Rosenberg,
Canopy Co-Founder and Former Board Chair

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