Canopy Advisors

Growing the urban canopy would not be possible without the talented Advisory groups of arborists, community leaders, and professionals who share their expertise with Canopy. Thank you for your help planting healthy trees and growing healthy communities!

Advisory Council

Ronit Bryant – Chair, Mountain View Parks and Recreation Commission, and former Mountain View mayor

Haydi Danielson – Co-owner, Boething Tree Farms, and tree nursery expert

Jeff Greenfield – Chair, Palo Alto Parks & Recreation Commission, and community volunteer

Karen Holman – Board member, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, and former Palo Alto City Council member and mayor

Sheryl Klein – Chief Operating Officer, Alta Housing, and Board member, Palo Alto Farmers’ Market

Nikki Lowy – Former Community Development Manager, Google, and Board member, Urban Land Development 

Vicki Moore – Santa Clara County Planning Commissioner, and Founder and Board Member, Living Classroom

Jeff Snyder – Employment Law Partner, Shuman Snyder, and community volunteer

Erica Spotswood – Senior Ecologist, Second Nature Ecology + Design, and former Applied Ecologist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute

Lauren Swezey – Sustainability and Landscape Project Lead, Meta, and community volunteer

Kathy Thibodeaux – Consultant on real estate and organizational development and Board member, Mountain View Chamber of Commerce 

Carol Thomsen – Founder and director of All Five, a non-profit preschool in Belle Haven, Menlo Park, and leader in early education 

Stacey Wagner – Director of Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente, and former chair, San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce

Violet Wulf-Saena – Founder and Executive Director, Climate Resilient Communities and climate change expert

Tree Technical Advisory Committee (Tree TAC)

Herb Fong – retired Grounds Manager, Stanford University

Michael Hawkins – Consulting Utility Forester, Davey Resource Group, and ISA Certified Arborist (WE-9134A)

Uriel Hernandez – Project Manager, City of Palo Alto, and ISA Certified, TRAQ Certified

Dave Muffly – Senior Arborist & Horticulturist, Oaktopia, and ISA Certified & ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

Katherine Nägele-Lin – Consulting Arborist, Aesculus Arboricultural Consulting, and ISA Certified Arborist (WE-9658A)

Jeff Newborn – Sales Representative, Davey Tree Experts, and ISA Certified (WE-5614-A)

Jason Ash – Arborist Representative, Bartlett Tree Experts, and ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Certified Municipal Arborist 


Canopy accomplishes much of its work through committees. Comprised of board members, staff, and advisors, committees are crucial to Canopy and make full use of the time, expertise, and commitment of its members to address issues and achieve goals.

*Denotes Board member

**Denotes Staff member

Advocacy Committee

Holly Pearson, chair*
Dave Armstrong*
Maya Briones**
Mary Dateo*
Dave Docktor
Uriel Hernandez*
Peying Lee*
Kammy Lo
Scott Marshall
Geoff Paulsen

Education Committee

Carol Olson, co-chair
Ally Bell, co-chair**
Veronica Bustos**
Maria Chai*
Tania Cooley**
Juanita Ibarra**
Nico Janik
Laura Martinez*
Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Davila

Finance Committee

Jonathan Herbach* (Treasurer and committee chair)
Dave Armstrong*
Ann Bilodeau
Maria Chai*
Marty Deggeller
Phillip Jonas*
Kim Kelly
Elizabeth May**
Sally O’Neil*
Holly Pearson*
Shelley Ratay

Fund Development Committee

Maria Chai*
Peying Lee*
Laura Martinez*
Beth May**
Kathy Thibodeaux

Governance Committee

Marilyn Keller, chair*
Laura Martinez*
Sally O’Neil*
Holly Pearson*

Tree Programs Committee

Kirsten Mouradian*, co-chair
Bria Blitch
Maria Chai*
Mary Dateo*
Marty Deggeller
Uriel Hernandez*
Juanita Ibarra**
Marilyn Keller*
Aubrey Knier**
Kammy Lo
Arlene Nuñez Garcia**
Sally O’Neil*
Oscar Rodriguez-Ortiz**
Indira Selvakumaraswamy**
Gabrielle Trudeau**
Evany Wang**

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“Canopy Advisors
are one phone call away.
I am fortunate
to have access to
such a group of skilled
professionals and supporters.”

~ Catherine Martineau,
Canopy Executive
Director Emeritus

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