Canopy’s Donor Community

Canopy’s donors are a cornerstone of our success, not only as financial investors in our mission but also as thoughts partners and community members.

Many Canopy donors are also volunteers, program beneficiaries, community leaders, and supporters of other local nonprofits. Along with our dedicated volunteers, partners, and institutional funders, they represent a big-hearted network of people committed to creating communities where people and nature thrive. We are profoundly grateful to each one of them!

2020 Individual Donors

Donors from July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020

2020 Matching Fund Donors

These generous funders inspired others to join them in supporting community trees by contributing to 2020 match challenges.

Meryl & Rob Selig
Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
Peery Foundation
Matthieu Devin and Gatherine Granger
Kammy Lo and Kowsik Guruswamy
Law-Sun Community Fund
Carol and Mike Shealy
Judy Koch
Anonymous (5)

$20,000 and above

Nancy Drapkin
Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
Susan Rosenberg
Anonymous (3)

$10,000 - $19,999

Janice Brody and Bruce Rule
Matthieu Devin and Catherine Granger
Urs Hoelzle and Geeske Joel
Genni Lawrence
Linda and Ted Schlein
Meryl and Robert Selig

$5,000 - $9,999

Michael Bancroft
Diana Chapman Walsh and Chris Walsh
John and Marcia Goldman
Cynthia Fry Gunn and John Gunn
Judy Koch
Law-Sun Community Fund
Kammy Lo and Kowsik Guruswamy
Eve and John Melton
Geoff and Janine Paulsen
Holly Pearson and Darius Moshfeghi
Bill Reller
Aaron Rudolph
Elizabeth Schwerer and Kingston Duffie
Carol and Mike Shealy

$2,500 - $4,999

Brigid Barton
Maria Chai
Terry and Anne Clark
Bill Courington
Haydi and Damon Danielson
Mary and Christopher Dateo
Marty and Judy Deggeller
Diane Guinta and Paul Goldstein
Joe and Bette Hirsch
Yavanna Foundation
Marilyn Keller and Jeff Greenfield
Larry Klein and Milbrey McLaughlin
KLee Giving Fund
Kirsten and Stephane Mouradian
Don and Anne Vermeil
Jenny Wei and Brian Williammee
Marcus Wood

$1,000 - $2,499

Maryvonne and Curtis Abbott
Dave and Federica Armstrong
Kathryn Beals
Stephen Brimhall
Butch Byers
Stephanie and Ishun B Chang
Donna Chiaro
Amy and Lee Christel
David and Trish Collins
Yogen and Peggy Dalal
Carolyn and Gordon Davidson
Darrell Duffie and Denise Savoie
Eric and Susan Dunn
John and Kristine Erving
Joe and Terry Furgerson
Dan and Catharine Garber
Jane Alhouse Gee and Bruce Gee
Ruben and Barbara Green
Glista and Tim Guilford
Jesse and Kristin Herzog
Hank Heubach
Laurie Jarrett
Anne Kortlander
Jeff Koseff and Thalia Anagnos
Debbie and Doug Kundrat
Beth Lim
Mandy Lowell and Charles Munger
Scott and Leslie McGilvray
Bob and Sook McIntyre
Rebecca Michael
Jack and Mary Ellen Morton
Fred and Kirstin Nichols
Sally O’Neil and Ken Bencala
Smiler Pantling
Sairus Patel and David Keyon
Nancy Peterson
Jim and Alma Phillips
Roxy and Michelle Rapp
Jake and Robin Reynolds
Gail Schubert
Marilyn Smith
Roger Smith and Judy Kay
Jeffrey and Jeanese Snyder
Jane and Bill Stocklin
Doria Summa and Robert Phillips
Connie and Eric Tiegel
Bart and Nancy Westcott
Social Good Fund
Anonymous (1)

$500 - $999

Riyad and Suzanne Abu-Sharr
Dudley and Elaine Andersen
Ron and Elaine Andrews
Bob and Vicki Archibald
Christine and Bryan Baker
Karen Bartholomew
David and Nancy Bishop
Diana Bloch
Chris and Jane Botsford
Phyllis Browning
Nancy and John Cassidy
Susan Chamberlain
Anita Chan
Ben Christel
James and Wendy Cook
Dave Cortesi
Urban Cummings and Christine Clark
Husain Dalal
Agnès Devin
Julien Devin
Martha Dorn and John Scandling
Jeannie Duisenberg
Edma Dumanian
Linda and Richard Elder
Suzanne Garadis
Deidra Geraghty
Betsy Gifford
Jonathan Gifford
Julie Good and Dan Kaleba
Rebecca Grant
Mike and Anne Green
Mr. and Mrs. D. Wylie Greig
Jiyon Hahn and Mike Grimwood
Bob and Margie Harrington
Leila and Austin Hay
Gary and Patricia Hedden
Nancy Heinen and Dennis DeBroeck
Julie and Ed Ho
Bob and Mary Jack
Teena and Mike James
Evan Jernagan
Nancy Karp
Rachel and Tom Kellerman
Amanda Kelso
Maureen and David Kennedy
Barbara Klein
Tony and Sheryl Klein
Carolyn Kornberg
Carole and Jeff Langston
Lillian Lee and Doug Felt
Barbara and Targe Lindsay
Mary Lou Kilcline
Laura Martinez and Fernando Costa
Mimi and Bill Meffert
Susan R. Mendelsohn and Robert J. Flanagan
Ted Miljevich
Bob Millavec
Jonathan Mooser and Sara Brannin-Mooser
Betsy Morgenthaler
Horace and Betsy Nash
Alexandra Niederauer
Laura and Craig Norris
Carol and Steve Olson
Girvin and Lesley Peters
Forest Preston, III
Kevin and Kim Raftery
Shelley Ratay and Tony Mamone
John and Allean Richter
Ajit and Rita Sancheti and Family
Carol and Ken Scholz
Bruce and Barbara Swenson
Lauren Bonar Swezey and Kirk Swezey
Carl and Susan Thomsen
Bert and Caridad Torres
Jakob Trconic
Ann Tsukamoto and Irv Weissman
Judith and Saul Wasserman
Susan Wilson
Anonymous (1)

$250 - $499

Lada Adamic and Yasen Giuli
Matthew Austern and Janet Lafler
Antony Awaida
Larry Bailey
Bern Beecham and Cheryl Lathrop
Karen Bergman and Isabelle Thyfault
Ann and Ken Bilodeau
John and Robin Carlson
Mei Chan and Ullrich Schwertschlag
Fotini Chow
Carolyn Compton and Patricia Jo Morrissey
Kenneth Cramer
Guy and Janet Di Julio
Stan Dirks
Dave and Eileen Dockter
Kirsten and Kirk Essenmacher
Judith Fan and Robert Reay
Kate and Marvin Feinstein
Susan Finkle
Stephen and Janelle Fodor
Jim Fruchterman
Rich Gordon and Denny McShane
Don and Natalie Handelman
Jerry Hearn and Rebecca Reynolds
Ross and Karen Heitkamp
Kimo and Annie Hempstead
Dan Hilberman
Maika Horjus and Jim Puls
Joe and Nancy Huber
Caryn Huberman Yacowitz
Leannah Hunt
Laurie Hunter and Jonathan Macquitty
Beej Jasani
Lynnea Johnson
Arthur Keller
Kim Kelly
Kibeom Kim
John and Alison King
Pat Kinney
Joanne Koltnow and Ray Applebaum
Jennifer Kun
Eleanor Linton
Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel
Jenny and Michael March
Alison Mark
Alice Martineau
Catherine and Pierre Martineau
John and Cynthia McClenahan
Wallace Mersereau
Vicki Moore
Patricia Morris
Armand and Eliane Neukermans
Pam Noyer
Bonnie Packer and Robert Raymakers
Christel and Jean-Marc Parmentier
Don and Sandie Pearson
Lon and Hollis Radin
Pat and Tom Sanders
Marian Scheuer Sofaer and Abe Sofaer
Laurie and Kevin Schofield
Edward and Anne Spaulding
Susan Stansbury and Cédric de la Beaujardière
Adam Stein
Alan Stivers
Eric and Laura Tannenwald
Joshua and Sara To
Lisa Van Dusen and John Kelley
Judd Volino and Julia Kazaks
Kathy Weiss
Tracy Wingrove
Jeffrey and Sophie Yost

Up to $249

Guadalupe Aceves
Stephen Achtenhagen
Rebecca Akers and Chris Berka
Kathy Alford
Barbara Alhouse
Linda Anderson
Polly and John Armstrong
John Atwood
MaryRuth Bafrali
Eddie and Heidi Bakhash
Irene Beardsley and Dan Bloomberg
Betsy and George Bechtel
Gesina Beckert
Karin Bencala and Eddie James
Mary Bender and Charlie Hoyt
Keith and Atsuko Bennett
Beverly Benson and Jim Soland
Ruth Benz
Amy Biegelsen
John Binay
John Bingham
Pat Blumenthal
Mary Brayton
Servane Briand and Emmanuel Mignot
John Burt
Carol Burtchaell
Angie Cantelmi
Margaret Carney
Ashley Cayford
Andrea Cervenka and Shai Friedland
Miriam Cespedes
Ora Chaiken
Ashley Chan
Chi-Lung Chang
Jack and Susan Choquette
Dennis Clark
Michael Closson and Catherine Milton
Andy and Liz Coe
Kim Cooper
Jeannette Cosby and Glenn Skinner
Sibby Coxhead
Sybil and Steve Cramer
Christine and Frank Currie
Gretchen Daily and Gideon Yoffe
Dexter and Jean Dawes
Miriam DeJongh
Mike Dennis
Reay Dick and Lauren Arnold Dick
Paul and Sarah Donahue and Family
Joseph Doniach and Barbara Powell
Anne and John Draeger
Peter Drekmeier and Amy Adams
Tom DuBois and Masoko Yokota
Meg Durbin
Cynthia Dusel-Bacon and Charles Bacon
Kathy Early
Susan Elgee and Steve Eglash
Penny and Rich Ellson
John Emmel
Heike and Uwe Enders
Rose Epperson
Charlotte and David Epstein
John and Lois Erickson
Leif and Sharon Erickson
Darcy Escovedo
Barbara Fabbro
Sally and Craig Falkenhagen
Charlotte Falla
Hill Family Charitable Fund
Laura Fanger and Bruce Bernstein
Brigid Farrell
Pat Farris
Susan Feist
Chris Field and Nona Chiariello
Linda Filo
Diane Finkelstein
Fred and Ira Fischer
Herb and Jo Fong
Colleen and Jake Foraker
Walt Fujii
Antoine Gaessler and Mary Chin
Teddy and Josephine Gaillard
Valerie and Blaise Gassend
Rona Giffard and Robert Robson
Michael Gitner
Annette Glanckopf
Charlotte and Ted Glasser
Katherine Glassey
Kate Godfrey and Robert Colley
Fran and Mark Goodwin
David Gordon and Lucia Heldt
Pat Grange
Dave and Karri Greenfield
Elizabeth Greenfield
Mark and Renee Greenstein
Mickey Griffin
Jan Gronski and Teodora Ngo
Maria Gudiel
Beth Guislin
Sandy Hain, Janet Chaikind, and Family
David and Carol Hamilton
Christoffer Hansen
Meg Hardin
Dedra Hauser and David Lischinsky
Michael Hawkins
Kirsten Hayes
Emily Henn
Dave and Christine Hodson
Susan and Bob Hoerger
David Hoexter and Judie Siddall
Micheline and Robert Horstmeyer
Sharon Hudak and Lee Marshall
Daniel Idziak
A.C. and Kathryn Johnston
Glenda Jones and Dick Clark
Lenore and Carl Jones
Mike Kasperzak
Virginia Keegan
Paul and Kellie Keifer
Sue Kemp
Derek and Diana Kennedy
Eleanor and Lee Kennedy
Jeanne Kennedy
Marlo Kitch
Pin-Hua Ko
Tony and Judy Kramer
Elizabeth Lada
Barbara Lampson
Edward, Laurie, and Alex Firestone
Monique Le Conge Ziesenhenne
Nikki Le
Peying Lee
Nancy Leech
Rebecca Leon and Mike Kast
Ellen Levitas
Leland Levy and Judy M. Huey
Gary Lindgren
Hillman Lo
Josephine Lo
Theresa Lo
Rick and Sally Longyear
Natalie Lui
Sue Luttner and Jerome Coonen
Susan Luttner
Katherine Ma
Ronda Macchello
Helen and David MacKenzie
Barb Mackraz
Andrea Weiss Maes and Stephane Maes
Donna Mahood
Bob and Debbie Marinaro
Scott Marshall
Sara Martineau
Tony and Priscilla Marzoni
Lisa Matichak
Jean McCown
Stepheny McGraw
Mike and Terry McMahon
Kelly McManus Chauvin and Vincent Chauvin
Jane Meier and Paul Mielke
Lynnie Melena
Bob Meltzer
Philip Miller
Lynn Mitchell
Siv Modler
Janet Moody and John McMurtry
Sheri Moody
Estefani Morales Zanoletti
Bob and Harriet Moss
Jane and David Moss
David Moulton
Trish and Jim Mulvey
Debbie Mytels
Monika Nagy
Debbie Neff
Merrill and Lee Newman
Allan Ng
Thao Ngo
Geoffrey Nilsen and Lou Xinchen
Boyce and Peggy Nute
Everett Palmer
Theo Pappas
Walter and Sunny Passmore
Tamara and Matthew Patterson
Enid Pearson
Laura Pearson
Kristin Pene
Roger and Judy Petersen
Harlan and Rebecca Pinto
Jeff Poetsch
Yvonne Poggioli
Jennifer Pont
Edith and Shaun Poole
Lee and Kitty Price
Jean Puetz
Katia and Larry Reeves
David and Frances Reneau
Jon and Carol Richards
Maria Rios
Gregory Robbin
Fran Rominger
Deborah and Donald Rose
Mitchell and Sandra Rosen
Margaret and Oscar Rosenbloom
Rima Rudd
Katie Rummel
Judy Sadoff
Nadia Salah-Mars
Jenny Saltzman
Jan and Victor Schachter
Natalia Schoorl and Aram Avila Herrera
Heather Schultz
David Schwartz and Tonia Wisman
Kandis Scott
Steve and Barbara Scott
Flash Sheridan
Joe Simitian and Mary Hughes
Joan and Jack Simon
Court Skinner
Mitch Slomiak
Patricia Smith
Nancy Soforenko and David Gerken
Ann Sonnenberg
Carol and Mark Sontag
Dixie-Lee Specht-Schulz
Steve and Luana Staiger
Brian Steen and Sandra Wilson
Remy Steiner
Carol and Noel Stevens
Josephine Stiene
Herbert and Marjorie Stone
Adam Strassberg and Daja Phillips
Vicki and Larry Sullivan
Megan Swezey Fogarty and Michael Fogarty
Nicholas Szegda
Madelyn Taylor and Etan Berkowitz
Merridee Taylor
Sue Thiemann and Bill Faustman
Edward and Gail Thompson
Ching Tseng
Nico and Bernadette Tuason
Mike and Ellen Turbow
Cassia van der Hoof Holstein
Brendon Vining
Angel Vossough
Nicole Wainwright and Sapphire Loomis
Emily Walling
Anna Waring
Marilyn Waterman
Len Weisberg
Mark Westwind
Ralph and Jackie Wheeler
Beth and Eric Whitmore
Lisi Wick
Tony Wickham
Craig Wiesner
Doug and Pam Wong
Elliott and Rachel Wright
Duo Wu
Vanessa Wyns
William Xuan and Family
Merry Yen
Joyce Yin
Betsy and George Young
Michele Young
Jane and Mitchell Zimmerman
Vincent Hwang
Anonymous (6)

Pro Bono and In-Kind Gifts

Kathy Alford
Kathryn Beals
Janice Brody and Bruce Rule
Nancy Drapkin
Hassett Ace Hardware Half Moon Bay
Pro Bono Photography
Jeffrey Snyder
Mark Westwind

Tree Gifts and Tributes - In Honor

Dudley and Elaine Andersen – In honor of Marty Deggeller
Antony Awaida – In honor of Anthony Awaida
Karen Bergman and Isabelle Thyfault – In honor of the Bergman-Thyfault Family
John Binay – In honor of the kids of the world
Ora Chaiken – In honor of Jan Chaiken
Anita Chan – In honor of Maria Chai
Ben Christel – In honor of Sophie Christel
Dave Cortesi – In honor of Marian Cortesi
Canopy Team – In honor of John Carlson, Geoff Poetsch, and Duo Wu
Christine and Frank Currie – In honor of Catherine Martineau
Haydi and Damon Danielson – In honor of John and Sue Boething
Stan Dirks – In honor of Emily Garvie
Jeannie Duisenberg – In honor of Katherine Strehl and Bill Dempsey
Brigid Farrell – In honor of Diethild Price
Suzanne Garadis – In honor of John
Suzanne Garadis – In honor of John Erving
Betsy Gifford – In honor of Jonathan Gifford
David and Carol Hamilton – In honor of Mickey Hamilton
Ross and Karen Heitkamp – In honor of Ross S. Heitkamp
Jesse and Kristin Herzog – In honor of Susan Rosenberg
David Hoexter and Judie Siddall – In honor of Mary Hoexter
Rachel and Tom Kellerman – In honor of Helen Hull
Jeanne Kennedy – In honor of Ann Bilodeau
Marlo Kitch – In honor of Girl Scout Troop 60332
Barbara Klein – In honor of
Judy Koch – In honor of Marty Deggeller
Anne Kortlander – In honor of Menlo Oaks Tree Advocacy
Barbara Lampson – In honor of Carol Lampson, a lifelong environmentalist
Leland Levy and Judy M. Huey – In honor of Janet Levy and Richard Schwartz
Eleanor Linton – In honor of Susan Ellis
Scott and Leslie McGilvray – In honor of Catherine Martineau
Bob and Sook McIntyre – In honor of Jerry Hearn
Mimi and Bill Meffert – In honor of Marty Deggeller
Trish and Jim Mulvey – In honor of Samantha Elliott
Debbie Neff – In honor of Perry and Betty Neff
Sally O’Neil and Ken Bencala – In honor of Kammy Lo
Theo Pappas – In honor of Mia Monroe
Tamara and Matthew Patterson – In honor of Kammy
Don and Sandie Pearson – In honor of Holly Pearson
Kristin Pene – In honor of James J. Garvey
Susan R. Mendelsohn and Robert J. Flanagan – In honor of David Hettig
Roxy and Michelle Rapp – In honor of Charles (Bill) Wallau
Rima Rudd – In honor of Catherine Martineau
Judy Sadoff – In honor of Marty Deggeller
Linda and Ted Schlein – In honor of Kevin Raftery
Carol and Mark Sontag – In honor of Sally O’Neil
Edward and Anne Spaulding – In honor of Anne and John Draeger
Megan Swezey Fogarty and Michael Fogarty – In honor of Bonar Swezey Family
Madelyn Taylor and Etan Berkowitz – In honor of Sally O’Neil
Sue Thiemann and Bill Faustman – In honor of Marilyn Smith
Edward and Gail Thompson – In honor of Greta Thunberg and youth
Carl and Susan Thomsen – In honor of Marty
Joshua and Sara To – In honor of Maya Briones
Cassia van der Hoof Holstein – In honor of Amy Low
Lisa Van Dusen and John Kelley – In honor of Catherine Martineau’s leadership
Emily Walling – In honor of Maria Chai
Anna Waring – In honor of Catherine Martineau
William Xuan and Family – In honor of Elise Willis

Tree Gifts and Tributes - In Memory

Eddie and Heidi Bakhash – In memory of Kenneth Don Collins
David and Nancy Bishop – In memory of Ward and Carol Ellis
Carol Burtchaell – In memory of Paula McFarland
Butch Byers – In memory of Judy Byers
Canopy Team – In memory of Francoise Lasne
Miriam Cespedes – In memory of E. Yanosh. Alt
Sibby Coxhead – In memory of Cynthia Brown
David and Trish Collins – In memory of Ken Collins
David and Trish Collins – In memory of Russell D. DeVries
Marty and Judy Deggeller – In memory of Charlie Ridley
Anne and John Draeger – In memory of John Atkinson
Susan Feist – In memory of Francoise Lasne
Susan Finkle – In memory of Heidi Fairfield Berndt
David Gordon and Lucia Heldt – In memory of Arthur Jay Saluk
Don and Natalie Handelman – In memory of Betty Meltzer
Sharon Hudak and Lee Marshall – In memory of Carol Connor
John and Alison King – In memory of Mary King
Pin-Hua Ko – In memory of Michael Duffy
Carolyn Kornberg – In memory of Pat Golden
Peying Lee – In memory of Tsai Ju Lin
Ellen Levitas – In memory of Louis Levitas
Ellen Levitas – In memory of Debby Ruskin
Theresa Lo – In honor of Liesl’s birthday
Rick and Sally Longyear – In memory of Sarah Longyear
Bob Meltzer – In memory of Betty Meltzer
Jane and David Moss – In memory of Bob Evans
Susan R. Mendelsohn and Robert J. Flanagan – In memory of David W. Hettig
Vicki Moore – In memory of Scott and Kendra Chan
Nancy Soforenko and David Gerken – In memory of Phyllis Cardozo
Adam Stein – In memory of Kalman and Gladys Stein
Ann Tsukamoto and Irv Weissman – In memory of Marie Natsuko Symmes
Beth and Eric Whitmore – In memory of Kelly Calica
Vanessa Wyns – In memory of H. Gregg Swihart


Corrections? We do our very best to create an accurate list of Canopy’s generous supporters and volunteers. If you find any error or omission, please let us know! Email corrections to [email protected].

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