Catherine Martineau
Executive Director

Maya Briones
Advocacy Associate

Natalie Brubaker
Director of Special Projects

Jack Christy
Tree Care Specialist

Christie Galitsky
Senior Director of Programs

Laura Gronek
Communications Manager

Maika Horjus
Senior Development Specialist

Juanita Ibarra
Youth Programs Coordinator

Shannon McDonald
Operations Director

Arlene Nuñez García
Community Forestry Coordinator

Cynthia Perez
Administrative Associate

Indira Selvakumaraswamy
Volunteer Engagement Manager

Mel Sutton
Tree Care Coordinator

Gabrielle Trudeau
Community Forestry Coordinator

Vanessa Wyns
Education Director


2021 Fall Teen Urban Foresters


Homero Equihua
Teen Urban Forester

Jose Luis Flores
Teen Urban Forester

Bethzy Garcia
Teen Urban Forester

Eduardo Hernandez
Teen Urban Forester

Rhonicia Ingram
Teen Urban Forester

Adrian Maciel
Teen Urban Forester

Angel Patino
Teen Urban Forester

Carla Reyna
Teen Urban Forester

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“Canopy’s staff and volunteers are dedicated, serious and sophisticated about preserving
and expanding
Palo Alto’s canopy.”

~ Alan Weller,
Palo Alto Resident

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