Canopy Volunteers

We are immensely grateful for the dynamic and committed community of volunteers, friends and supporters that make Canopy’s work possible! 

Our volunteers further our work in many unique ways. They help lead tree plantings, support free neighborhood tree walks, prune and stake mature trees, carry out young tree checkups, help with school-based environmental education, and amplify Canopy’s message to all segments of our communities.

We’re grateful to all 1,250 of our individual volunteers! Thank you to each one of you who make our work possible.

Volunteer leaders from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Junior Forester Leaders

Brenda Bañuelos
Princess Tuesday Burns
Monica Maldonado
Leslie Melendez
Isabelle Thyfault


Trevor Cambron, Communications Intern
Kieran Godfrey, Tree Survey Intern
Ruth Greenfield, Youth Education Intern
Max Klotz, Community Education Intern
Niles Lo, Tree Walk Intern
Aaron Rudolph, Digital Projects Intern
Veronica Weber, Research & Special Projects Intern

Community Volunteer Groups

Girls’ Middle School
Google, Inc. Employees
Gunn Green Team
Mountain View/Los Altos Service League of Boys
Paly High School Students
Peninsular Skating Club
Stanford Haas Center for Public Service
Silicon Valley Volunteers
Young Men’s Service League Alpine Chapter
Young Men’s Service League Rancho Chapter
Youth Community Service
ShinShin Educational Foundation
SEWA International

Community Forestry School Cohort

Vera Cordova Mendoz
Lora Douglas
Linda Eaton
Ed Ellebracht
Fiona Farag
Monique Frappier
Diane Guinta
Candace Hathaway
Nathan Hoffman
Amanda Kelso
John P Kennedy
Caitlin Key Alfaro
Marta Teresa Kuntzelman
Tamara Lewis
Lynn Miller
Paul Nissler
Kibbie Ruth
Samir Sane
Rashmi Sahai
Clint N. Smith
Clint T. Smith
Rosemary Smith
Kathy Steel-Sabo
Laura Tiscareno
Michele Young
Deanna Wong

Arborists, Tree Experts, Landscape Designers, and Tree Walk Leaders

MaryRuth Bafrali
Molly Batchelder
Rayna deNiord
Dave Dockter
Deanne Ecklund
John Erving
Herb Fong
Matthew Fried
Peter Gollinger
Dedra Hauser
Michael Hawkins
Uriel Hernandez
Alison Hicks
Bruce Hurlburt
Peter Jensen
Igor Lacan
Elizabeth Lanham
Allegra Mautner
Ray Morneau
Dave Muffly
Katherine Naegele
Walter Passmore
Kevin Raftery
Ellyn Shea
Jason Shirar
Erica Spotswood
Lauren Swezey
Jakob Trconic

Neighborhood Tree Champions

Willa Bednarz and Katie Rueff
Marilyn Keller
Will Schulz and Ylem Rubio
Romain Taniere and Luis Guzman
William Xuan
Pearlin Yang, Angela Dellaporta, Rachelle Acuna-Narvaez, Ken Joye, and Becky Sanders

Planting Leaders

David Collins
Kelly Cortes
Cédric de la Beaujardière
Husain Dalal
Marty Deggeller
Karen Pauls
Chris Eberspacher
Linda Filo
Antoine Gaessler
Tara Gill
Jeff Greenfield
Dedra Hauser
James “Kimo” Hempstead
Uriel Hernandez
Sharon Hudak
Marilyn Keller
Kammy Lo
Kirsten Mouradian
Pam Noyer
Sally O’Neil
Geoff Paulsen
Lanie Powers
Shelley Ratay
Liela Rombaoa
Natalia Schoorl
Susan Stansbury
Janice Story
Nicholas Taylor
Feng Wang
Jenny Wei
Kathy Weiss
Kay Thornton
Christine Baker
Julisa Lopez
Maria Chai
Mary Dateo
Peying Lee
Rebecca Ramos

Education Leaders and Advisors

Lisa Abeyounis
Maria Chai
Mary Dateo
Marty Deggeller
Stephanie Enos
Herb Fong
Diane Guinta
Michael Hawkins
Uriel Hernandez
Nathan Hoffman
Nico Janik
Rachel Knowles
Peying Lee
Kammy Lo
Allegra Mautner
Laura Martinez
Carol Olson
Holly Pearson
Greses Anabell Perez
Jason Shirar
Shersingh Tumber-Davila
Jenny Wei
Andra Yeghoian

Survey Leaders

Jeff Greenfield
Julisa Lopez
Mirando Vogt
Christine Baker
Kirsten Mouradian

Outreach, Event, and Office Volunteers

Ann Bilodeau
Ashley Britts
Maggie Davidson
Jeff Greenfield
Sharon Hudak
Ray Morneau
Katherine Naegele
Linda Filo
Lawrence Garwin
Annie Hempstead
Uriel Hernandez
Pierre Martineau
Meda Okelo
Jack Owicki
Chris Cassell
Vishal Mehta
Smiler Pantling
Danielle Nguyen
Jenna Louie
Ever Rodriguez
Gabriela Rodriguez
Laura Damian
Joseph Damian
Anna Ruth Baylon
Frank Floyd (photographer, videographer)
Dan Hoffman (Sares Regis)
Catherine Pieck
Laura Dove
Rachel Dove
Jonathan Gifford
Jaime Barajas
Scott Jaw (city of Menlo Park)

We do our very best to create an accurate list of Canopy’s generous supporters and volunteers. If you find any error or omission, please let us know so we can correct it. Email [email protected].

If you’re inspired to join the fun, we’d love to find a way for you to get involved!

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