Young Tree Care in East Palo Alto

In the ground for up to 8 years now, the 1,000 new young trees Canopy planted in East Palo Alto have grown tremendously, thanks to a meticulous regimen of care provided by Canopy’s dedicated teams of volunteers, young interns, staff, and professionals.

Youth comprised over two-thirds of Canopy’s more than 500 volunteers that took part in the East Palo Alto tree plantings, and continue to play an important role in the forest’s growth and maintenance.

Canopy continues a program to provide part-time jobs to East Palo Alto youth. Planting and tree care tasks for the Teen Urban Foresters have included assembling and installing irrigation; preparing rootballs; planting seeds and acorns; spreading yards of mulch, surveying, pruning, and maintaining trees; and leading volunteers.

The trees have begun to transform the area, but Canopy’s job isn’t done. This young forest requires regular care and maintenance performed by volunteers: pruning, weeding and watering are done on a regular basis and trees are monitored periodically for disease or stress. Canopy works with volunteers from throughout the community to care for East Palo Alto’s trees and to educate its residents about their value and care.

Enjoy working with trees? Meeting other community volunteers? Check out Canopy’s planting and tree care volunteer opportunities.

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“Now this barren (East Palo Alto) road will have a canopy of trees shading the street.”

~ Glenn Flamik, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

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