A group observes a coast redwood tree trunk.

Two teens design, lead Wellness Tree Walk at Los Altos High through Canopy education program

December 3, 2022

Over the course of a few weeks, two Los Alto High School seniors went from knowing little about trees and the mental health benefits of spending time in nature to designing and leading a Wellness Tree Walk on the grounds […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Gunn Green Team

February 22, 2022

You could say it began in eighth grade with the Girl Scouts’ Silver Award. That’s when Katie Rueff and Willa Bednarz teamed up with Canopy on a tree planting project. The Silver Award required them to find an issue they […]

smiley wood face

Learning Outdoors: A Ticket to Healthier and Happier Children

August 14, 2020

Another Look at Indoor Learning

Written by Ruth Greenfield

The age-old lament that – kids these days don’t spend as much time outside as they used to – has suddenly become more real than ever. With public health safety mandates to shelter […]

Nature Play Space for Preschool: TUF Project Update

May 22, 2020

Teen Urban Foresters are designing landscape for All Five Preschool in eastern Menlo Park.

Each year, Canopy’s Teen Urban Foresters (TUFs) take on a project aimed at engaging local partners and creating green spaces in their community. Last fall, their revitalization […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel and Lauren Dove

February 12, 2020

Rachel and Lauren Dove

Meet Canopy volunteers, Rachel and Lauren! Rachel and Lauren are two of Canopy’s most dedicated high school volunteers. Rachel began volunteering with Canopy in 2018 and has since gotten many of her family and friends involved as […]

TUF Summer Project Recap

September 12, 2019

In this post, Canopy Teen Urban Foresters Kelly Cortes and Paola Maciel share their experience working on a project to create a community park at Bayshore Christian Ministries’ property in East Palo Alto. 

Since early July, we worked with Canopy as […]

Rolled-curb Street Tree

BEAM Students Analyze Palo Alto’s Tree Removal Permits

June 3, 2019

Tree removal permits tell the story of shifting urban forests and species growth or loss over time. That is why Canopy’s Community Forestry Manager, Elise Willis, and Tree Survey Intern, Julisa Lopez, partnered with Gunn High School students in the […]

TUF Perspective: Strengthening My Community

July 16, 2018

Why I’m committed to bringing trees to my community

Written by Eric Perez

Working with Canopy has changed the way I see myself in relation to the community around me, as well as my role in the community and my obligation to […]

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