Mountain View Tree Programs

Mountain View Tree Plantings

Canopy launched our first tree plantings in Mountain View in 2016 at Graham and Crittenden Middle Schools, partnering with school staff and families to install over 34 trees and 259 understory plants, bringing greenery and much needed shade to the two campuses. We are thankful for our partner, Mountain View Trees, for working with us to bring more trees and nature to Mountain View schools.

In 2019 and 2020 Canopy partnered with Leadership Mountain View to plant trees throughout Cuesta Park. Each cohort of local leaders planted 10 new trees together, adding shade and beauty to this important local green space.

When we plant trees, we engage community members to help steward the trees for the first few years. We work with the City of Mountain View, local service groups, neighborhood associations, and individual volunteers, to prune, weed, and stake trees properly. Providing regular care ensures that the trees we plant can thrive.

Check out Canopy’s online event calendar for any local tree plantings or tree care workdays in Mountain View.

Eco-Schoolyards for Mountain View Kids and Beyond

In partnership with Living Classroom, Eco-Schoolyards is an initiative that will create model ecological schoolyards at Graham and Crittenden Middle Schools, eventually leading to eco-schoolyards on all Mountain View Whisman School District campuses.

Canopy is grateful to Inspire Mountain View organizers and funders for selecting Eco-Schoolyards as an InspireMV grantee, and helping us bring this project to life.

Empowering Students and Communities

Eco-schoolyards will empower students and residents as environmental stewards within their communities, inspiring a deeper understanding of how a sustainable and healthy living environment can be supported through habitat biodiversity in schools and throughout our community.

Eco-Schoolyards Habitat Creation and Education

Eco-schoolyards inventively combine habitat-creation with hands-on student education and engagement to: build habitat, bring science lessons and learning to schools, and provide public workshops and interpretive signs to outdoor spaces.

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