My End-of-Day Ritual

By Canopy Team on October 3, 2016

From the desk of Executive Director Catherine Martineau

From the desk of Executive Director, Catherine Martineau
Catherine Martineau

One of my favorite things is thanking our donors.

It’s usually the last thing I do before going home; I sign thank you letters or write a special note to someone who’s made a difference. It gives me the opportunity to end the day thinking about the generous friends who make our work possible, and I leave the office with my heart filled with gratitude.

Sometimes, as happened recently, we receive anonymous gifts with no way to convey our deep appreciation for the donors’ inspiring generosity. My heart still fills with gratitude, and I wish I could say thank you.

So today, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all of our wonderful donors: those we know personally, those we haven’t met yet, and those who choose to remain anonymous, all of them very thoughtful. Thank you for your financial support and for the trust you place in us.

At Canopy, we envision a day when every resident of the Mid-Peninsula can walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.

Because of you, we’re bringing this vision to life:

Because of you, barren schoolyards are transformed into vibrant green environments full of nature and life.

Because of you, generations to come will live amidst a thriving urban forest that nurtures wellbeing, prosperity, and quality of life.

Because of you, thousands of children discover the wonder of trees, learning to cherish and steward their environment and community.

As I end my day, I will think of you, and all that you make possible.

With utmost gratitude,

Catherine Martineau
Canopy Executive Director

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