Tree Reads for Fall

By Canopy Team on October 11, 2016

For all tree-loving bibliophiles! Check out these brand new volumes to leaf through as we settle into autumn:

Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape.urban-forests-cover

By Jill Jonnes

Jill Jonnes loves to explore the unknown histories of urban spaces, from the story of the Eiffel Tower to the vivid history of South Bronx. In her latest book, “Urban Forests,” Jonnes combines her love of trees and her love of cities to reveal and celebrate human’s long relationship with the urban forest.

During a recent talk hosted by Friends of the Urban Forest in San Francisco, Jonnes highlighted the Bay Area piece of the urban forest story—which is all about tech, of course! In one chapter of “Urban Forests”, Jonnes tells the story of ecologists Rowan Rowntree, Greg McPherson, and David Nowak. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, these researchers began to measure and quantify the benefits of urban trees, using new methods of data collection and analysis. Their research, along with the digital tools they developed, have laid the groundwork for a new era of urban forest management and policy.

This is one of many urban tree tales to explore with Jonnes on this wonderful walk through urban forest history.


long-life-of-trees-fiona-staffordThe Long, Long Life of Trees

By Fiona Stafford

“A lyrical tribute to the diversity of trees, their physical beauty, their special characteristics and uses, and their ever-evolving meanings.”

In her new book, Fiona Stafford explores the deep connections between trees and human experience as she delves into the history, biology, and mythology of seventeen well-known tree species. Alongside charming and meticulous illustrations, she elucidates both practical uses of different tree woods and the spiritual inspiration that trees have provided to diverse people and cultures for millenia.

You can also check out Stafford’s acclaimed radio series, The Meaning of Trees. 



hidden-life-of-trees-bookThe Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from a Secret World

By Peter Wohlleben

“A forester’s fascinating stories, supported by the latest scientific research, reveal the extraordinary world of forests and illustrate how trees communicate and care for each other.”

Peter Wohlleben has spent decades among the trees during his work with the German forestry commission. But he says it was interacting with visitors at the ancient forest preserve where he worked that began to transform his view of the forest.

“Visitors were enchanted by crooked, gnarled trees I would previously have dismissed because of their low commercial value,” he writes. “Walking with my visitors, I learned to pay attention to more than just the quality of the trees’ trunks.”

His reawakened wonder for the forest led him to ask and research new questions, and to manage the forest differently—as a living, connected community. In “The Hidden Life of Trees,” Wohlleben offers his discoveries and his unique perspective on life in the forest.


Update June 2017: Ready for more tree reads? Check out our summer 2017 suggestions…


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