Celebrate Trees During California Arbor Week!

By Canopy Team on March 4, 2021

Since 2011, California has dedicated March 7-14 as a statewide celebration of one of our most important shared resources: trees!

We’re getting into the spirit of California Arbor Week and have a full week of activities planned to celebrate the natural wonder of our arboreal friends and highlight the work Canopy does in our community.

Check out these ways you can join us in our Arbor Week celebration!

1. Plant your own tree

Why is California Arbor Week in March?” you ask, “Isn’t national Arbor Day in late April?”

Yes, it is! But in California’s warm Mediterranean climate, prime tree-planting time is in early spring, when rain is more likely and the weather is still cool. Newly planted trees need plenty of water and may have trouble getting established later in the season, when the hot, dry summer sets in. So Californians celebrate trees together while there’s still time to plant!

Ready to grab a shovel and plant your own tree? Check out these resources:

2. Take a tree walk

Tree walks are a wonderful opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the life-giving benefits of trees. Take advantage of Canopy’s tree walk resources to explore the trees in your neighborhood!

Or send us a photo! We love a good Tree ID challenge.

3. Follow us on social media

Although our tree planting events are limited to small groups of volunteers due to our Covid-19 Protocols, we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes looks at several plantings throughout the week on Facebook and Instagram. It will feel like you’re there planting with us!

4. Reduce stress with nature

5. Read a tree book

6. Get creative with trees

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a tree-tastic week!

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