Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel and Lauren Dove

By Canopy Team on February 12, 2020

Rachel and Lauren Dove

Meet Canopy volunteers, Rachel and Lauren! Rachel and Lauren are two of Canopy’s most dedicated high school volunteers. Rachel began volunteering with Canopy in 2018 and has since gotten many of her family and friends involved as well. The energy and dedicated work ethic of Rachel, Lauren, and many high school volunteers like them contribute greatly to the success of Canopy’s programs. We asked Rachel and Lauren to share more about their involvement with Canopy and their local urban forest.

How did you first become involved with Canopy?

Rachel and Lauren: I first got involved with Canopy when my friend brought me to the Martin Luther King Day planting three years ago. I really enjoyed learning how to plant trees and have been going to Canopy tree plantings ever since. I started bringing friends and family with me to the plantings. That’s how my sister first got involved. She’s been coming with me to plantings more recently and has especially enjoyed the bigger events like the ones on MLK day.

What is your favorite part about volunteering with Canopy?

Rachel and Lauren: The best thing about volunteering with Canopy is that the work is hands on. I love actually putting seeds and plants in the ground. By the time lunch rolls around on Saturday, I feel accomplished knowing I’ve done something good for the community. Lauren loves that it’s a fun way to give back to the community. She likes that there’s always different things to do and planting trees is never boring.

Why do you think trees are important for your community?

Rachel and Lauren: Trees are very important to us and the community. The two of us grew up going to parks all the time for playgrounds and practices. Open spaces with trees are enjoyable places to spend time. We have also heard a lot about environmental issues lately and know how detrimental human actions can be to the environment. Trees are both practical and beautiful. They are a reminder of all that nature provides for us and are important to maintaining natural beauty and healthy communities.

What does being an advocate for the urban forest mean to you?

Rachel and Lauren: Volunteering with Canopy to make a small but significant difference in our local communities has been meaningful to us. We hope it brings awareness to the area about the importance of trees and inspires others to get involved in environmental protection. For us, being an advocate for the urban forest is about getting down in the dirt to make a difference and make change that others will see and hopefully join in on.

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