Farewell to Uriel

By Canopy Team on November 9, 2018

Uriel Hernandez

Over four years ago, Canopy had the pleasure of bringing on Uriel Hernandez as a community volunteer, and later as a full-time staff member. Now we wish him a fond farewell as he transitions to a new role with the San Francisco Park Alliance.

We’re incredibly thankful for the work he has accomplished in his community through his work at Canopy. Uriel pioneered urban greening and nature restoration throughout the streets and school campuses of his native East Palo Alto. He is a champion of the urban natural environment through his advocacy at East Palo Alto City Council and commission meetings, and by fighting to close the green gap between affluent and low income communities.

As Canopy’s Community Forestry Program Manager Uriel implemented East Palo Alto’s first community tree planting initiative, “Branching Out, Arboles Para EPA” and forged partnerships with peer organizations, creating pathways for kids to connect with nature. Uriel served as a mentor to Canopy’s Teen Urban Forester interns, teaching them about green infrastructure and community leadership.

Over the past few years, Uriel has helped plant 640 trees and oversaw the care of thousands more newly planted trees.

Like many of the trees we’ve planted in EPA, it’s been a pleasure to watch Uriel grow into an accomplished arborist and community leader.

Some of the things we’ll miss about him:

  • His passion for urban greening and his community is palpable
  • The way he keeps his cool in any situation
  • His willingness to help a friend or colleague in need
  • His genuine, fun, and adventurous personality
  • His ever changing hair color and hair styles
  • He’s a people person and makes wonderful connections in his community
  • He thinks big and has unending enthusiasm for the things he’s passionate about

We’re excited for him to stick around as a Canopy volunteer, member of the Canopy Program Committee, and advocate for the East Palo Alto community!



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