Meet the Board: Jane Jones

By Canopy Team on November 5, 2018

Board member Jane Jones

In follow up to our posts on Laura Martinez and Susan Rosenberg, Marty Deggeller and Shelley Ratay, and Sally O’Neil and Kammy Lo—we’re thrilled to introduce Jane Jones, board member since 2016! 

Jane JonesJane Jones

Jane Jones is a Realtor with Keller Williams, DRE #01847801. She grew up in East Palo Alto and has many fond memories of her time in school and the trees that were planted during her 3rd grade year at Brentwood Elementary. She is actively involved in the community as a volunteer for the East Palo Alto Community Alliance and Neighborhood Development Organization (EPA CANDO), and a board member. Jane holds a Bachelors degree in African American History from San Jose State and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. 

How did you get started with Canopy and how long have you been on the board?

Jane: Canopy found me through an article that was published by Meda O. Okelo, in the March April 2016 issue of El Ravenswood magazine where I shared a memory of planting trees as a student in the third grade at Brentwood Elementary school. The trees were planted by our third grade class and my sister’s fifth grade class; Mrs. Spiller’s third grade class, and Ms. Miller’s fifth grade class. Unfortunately the trees are fenced off near the middle school instead of Brentwood and are no longer a part of Brentwood’s elementary school campus, but they are still there.

What inspires you most about Canopy’s work?

Jane: What inspires me about Canopy’s work is that we are planting trees at Brentwood elementary, other local schools, and in the community of East Palo Alto. Recently I was able to participate in a tree planting at Brentwood with Mrs. Martha Hank’s fifth grade class. Canopy may not have been the same group that planted trees when I was at Brentwood, but we are continuing the work that was started by that group.

Why do you care about trees?

Jane: Trees are vital to us as they make the air fresher, we use their wood for tools and shelter, and they are home for various wildlife. Also, they are aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting or working under the shade of a tree.

What is your favorite tree?

Jane: My favorite family of trees is the conifers such as cedars, spruces, firs, and pines. Pine trees are evergreen, and their scents are refreshing. I love the winter holidays because the pine trees are abundant. The smell of pine seems to affect the atmosphere and influence our moods to be pleasant and happier.

Thanks Jane!



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