Nature Play Space for Preschool: TUF Project Update

By Canopy Team on May 22, 2020

Teen Urban Foresters are designing landscape for All Five Preschool in eastern Menlo Park.

Each year, Canopy’s Teen Urban Foresters (TUFs) take on a project aimed at engaging local partners and creating green spaces in their community. Last fall, their revitalization project with Bayshore Christian Ministries culminated in a community tree planting event at the church’s new park space. Check out photos from the event here!

“The All Five Project provides students with new resources and activities they could use to learn about nature, and to use it as a teacher every day.” – Francisco Lopez, Junior, Eastside College Prep

This spring, the TUFs kicked off a new, impactful project with All Five Preschool in eastern Menlo Park. Working with staff and the broader All Five community, landscape design firm, PlaceWorks, and Stanford PhD candidate, Greses Perez, the TUFs will lead the process to design a landscape plan for the playground at All Five Preschool. 

The project is moving forward in the midst of shelter-in-place orders. Teen Urban Foresters have been meeting remotely with all partners to gather input on what the school community would like to see for their space.

They are working with PlaceWorks, a Berkeley based landscape design firm, to create a preliminary design for the playground. The next step is to  garner feedback on the proposed design from the All Five community and make any necessary adjustments.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the project when the TUFs begin implementing the design and hopefully host a community tree planting event at All Five Preschool this fall!

Teen Urban Forester, Bresy Perez, shares a bit about how the project has been going so far:

“Before” photos of All Five Preschool playground:

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