Congrats to our 2018 Tree Awardees

By Canopy Team on January 22, 2018

We are thrilled to recognize our 2018 Tree Awardees for their contributions to growing and protecting the urban forest. And this year, Canopy is proud to honor Dave Dockter, who is retiring after more than two decades serving the City of Palo Alto as Planning Arborist. Dave has shaped and championed the City’s urban forest throughout his career, and we look forward to offering a tribute to his outstanding contributions.

Canopy will recognize the award winners during the 22nd Annual Palo Alto Mayor’s Tree Planting & Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 25, at Palo Alto City Hall beginning at 5:15pm. 

Canopy will be presenting awards to the following:

Canopy Chair Award

Dave Dockter, for twenty-one years of remarkable dedication to the Palo Alto urban forest.

Arnold Soforenko Award

Google and San Francisco Estuary Institute, for breakthrough research, investment, and advocacy for native oaks and resilient landscapes, and the development of “Re-Oaking Silicon Valley.”

John Rawlings, for creating “”, a one-of-a-kind resource about trees and their history on the Stanford Campus, and Sairus Patel, for providing universal access to “” and enriching the site’s content, making it beautiful and eminently functional.

The 1400 Page Mill Road Project, for innovative work to design and integrate a drought-tolerant landscape with native and adaptive trees in the redevelopment of 1400 Page Mill Road in Palo Alto.

Out-on-a-Limb Award

Jeff Greenfield, for outstanding volunteer work to help Canopy select, build, and launch our first online tree mapping tool, Tree Plotter.

Marilyn Keller, for years of dedicated service to our local urban forest as a Canopy volunteer and board member, and as an active advocate for Palo Alto’s trees.

Young Forester Award

Kelly Cortes, for her excellent work as a Canopy volunteer and Teen Urban Forester in service of growing and caring for our local urban forest.

Congratulation to all of the 2018 award winners! 

Continue reading about their accomplishments on the Tree Awards page…


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