Stevens Creek Trail Tree Planting

By Canopy Team on June 19, 2017

One of Canopy's Teen Urban Foresters, Akasha, attaches a tree tag to a newly planted Buckeye.

This past Saturday, Canopy was thrilled to team up with the City of Mountain View, Mountain View Trees, and Friends of Stevens Creek Trail (FOSCT) to transform a section of the Stevens Creek trail between Kings Row and Jean Avenue in Mountain View.

In just a few short hours, over 175 volunteers from the community helped to plant 85 trees, bringing shade, greenery, and sound-screening to a stretch of the Stevens Creek trail that was previously exposed and largely unvegetated.

Trees set out and ready to be planted.

Trail users who otherwise would be under the hot sun will now will benefit from the cooling shade of native Coast Live Oaks and California Buckeyes. The stretch is also immediately adjacent to Highway 85; the new trees will provide an important buffer between trail users and the busy freeway, blocking noise and filtering pollution.

Tree planters pose with their newly planted Buckeye Tree. As the young trees grow, they will spread their canopy, bringing shade, cooler and cleaner air, reduced noise pollution, and more greenery to the trail used and loved by the residents of Mountain View and beyond.

As we transition to summer, it was a refreshing reminder that trees are key in creating an inviting, accessible environment for families and community members to enjoy the outdoors. Planting and sustaining trees  where they are needed the most, including along trails, helps build a healthier, more vibrant community while providing a multitude of benefits.

We hope the community loves these new trees and enjoys the shade they provide for years to come. 

P.S. Check back soon for more planting day stories! And check out photos from the day in our Flickr album. Thanks again to our incredible partners from City of Mountain View, Mountain View Trees, and Friends of Stevens Creek Trail for inviting Canopy to be part of this wonderful day!



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