Meet Judy Sissener, Canopy’s Development Director

By Canopy Team on September 10, 2018

We’re thrilled to welcome Judy Sissener to the Canopy team!

Judy is Canopy’s new Development Director, bringing over twenty years of nonprofit and fundraising experience to her position. We asked her to share a bit about herself:

How did you get into nonprofit development work?

Judy: Fundraising found me! I started my nonprofit career with a large national organization focused on education for unemployed youth and young adults. The curriculum included general education and GED preparation, job-skill training and readiness, and job placement. I started as VP of Finance, and then became ED. At that time (and currently in many cases), those positions had primary responsibility for fundraising, and that was how I allocated most of my time. Also, as a volunteer with many organizations, I was usually part of or leading the fundraising efforts. It’s fun!

What were you up to before coming to Canopy?

Judy: Immediately before Canopy, I was fundraising with Global Footprint Network, an international environmental nonprofit based in Oakland. The organization’s founder developed the footprint concept and the mathematical paradigm for calculating it – including the carbon footprint. Previous to Global Footprint Network I was fundraising for an international youth environmental-education organization called Trips for Kids. Kids/youth, and the environment have been a continuing, strong focus throughout my life.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

Judy: I’m most excited to meet and work with all the wonderful people involved with Canopy. I love everything about Canopy, and the organizational energy is exuberant – quite unique in my experience. I feel very fortunate to be part of Canopy and have the opportunity to contribute to its continued growth and vitally important impact.   

And what’s your favorite tree?

Judy: Ooo, tough question – I have so many; the question really is, are there any trees that I don’t love? (No) Favorites that immediately come to mind are from childhood. As a child, my family lived on the edge of a forest, and I spent most of my daylight hours in the woods. So among the favorites are still he first trees I knew and loved as a small child (in Illinois): Blue Spruce, Weeping Willow, Chinquapin Oak, Hickory (my job was to gather and help hull the nuts each fall!), Tulip Trees, and our beloved fruit trees – apply, cherry, crabapple (I also had to gather the rotten fruit).  Once I got to California, Oaks (of course), Redwoods (of course), and Ginkgos joined the “faves” list. Now, shall we discuss other flora?

Thanks Judy! Want to get in touch? You can reach Judy at [email protected]



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