Meet Edgar Echevarria, Canopy’s Community Forestry Manager

By Canopy Team on April 8, 2020

Join us in welcoming Edgar Echevarria to the Canopy team!

Edgar is Canopy’s new Community Forestry Manager. He spent several years working at Our City Forest and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about trees and nonprofit management. He is excited to share his passion for urban forestry with the Canopy community. We asked Edgar a few questions to get to know him better:

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Edgar: I live in East San Jose and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Psychology. I’m a huge sports fan. I especially enjoy watching our Bay Area teams live. This past year I was a volunteer coach for AYSO U6 boys soccer and it was so much fun! 

What is your background in urban forestry?

Edgar: During my senior year at San Jose State, I began volunteering at Veggielution and Our City Forest. After graduating from college I committed myself to two (initially started as one) years of service as an AmeriCorps at Our City Forest. It was here that I learned about the intricacies of our urban forest.  

Why do you feel urban trees are so important?

Edgar: Approximately 80% of Americans live in an urban environment and the trend continues upward. Increased canopy coverage is correlated with cleaner air, reduced heat island effect and crime, and many other human benefits. Additionally, trees play an integral role for wildlife. That is why it is important for us to advocate, protect, and help expand our canopy coverage. It is for the benefit of all living things.

What excites you most about your new role at Canopy?

Edgar: I am very excited to connect with Canopy’s volunteers and supporters. I know I will learn so much from them. 

And of course, what is your favorite tree?

Edgar: I feel like my favorite tree is constantly changing. At the moment it is the Ginkgo biloba tree. It is a super resilient plant, having been on earth since the time of Dinosaurs. This tree is also known to have survived the 1945 atomic bomb located in Hiroshima. What can stop this tree? It also has a beautiful golden yellow fall color.

Thank you, Edgar! Want to get in touch? You can reach Edgar at [email protected].

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