From Canopy Cover to Community Equity: Protecting and Managing Our Urban Forest

By Canopy Team on July 2, 2023

While community members want to protect and preserve trees, the lack of knowledge and resources often hinders their ability to be at the forefront of urban forest conservation, despite the significant community health benefits.

San Mateo County faces significant disparities in tree canopy cover that create environmental and social inequities, particularly in historically underserved neighborhoods. East Palo Alto has a tree canopy cover of only 13.5%, while Atherton has a tree canopy cover of 51.2%. The Urban forest plays a critical role in mitigating the impacts of climate change and improving air and water quality while reducing heat, noise, and flooding. Canopy is a local nonprofit organization at the forefront of urban forestry. The disparity in tree canopy coverage and environmental and social inequity are central to Canopy’s mission. To address this issue, residents must feel empowered to participate in canopy management and increase their understanding of the benefits of urban forestry, filling the gap in inequities around canopy management.

In this webinar hosted by the Environmental & Sustainability Thrive Action Group, we explore potential solutions with urban forestry experts to advocate for urban forest conservation and learn how local governments can engage communities in canopy management.

Featuring guest experts Maya Briones, Canopy’s advocacy associate, and Walter Passmore, CAL FIRE’s state urban forester.



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