Breathe with the Trees

By Canopy Team on March 23, 2020

Your environment can have a direct effect on your stress levels. Your body expresses stress physically in many different ways. Some signs of stress in the body are increased blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. 

Did you know that being in nature can reduce those effects? This study performed in Japan found that being in an area with trees for just 15 minutes can help relieve your body of the symptoms of stress.

Breathing exercises are powerful antidotes to tension in the body. In fact, trees give off chemicals called phytoncides which strengthen the immune system when you breathe them in.

Why not take some time to tap into the healing power of nature? Next time you see a tree, take some time to for this simple breathing exercise put together by Canopy’s Environmental Educator, Vanessa Wyns.

Breathing Exercise

Sit in front of a tree. Starting with your gaze at the base of the tree trunk, take a deep breath in. As you breath, slowly move your gaze from the base to the top.

When you have reached the top, hold the breath for one second. Then slowly release your breath as your eyes move from the top of the tree back to the base. Repeat this three times.

For visual instruction, watch the video below to see Vanessa walk you through this exercise.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the chance to release stress and tension in your mind and body. Next time you are out on a walk, or see a beautiful tree outside your window, take some time for a nice deep breath.

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