Celebrating what we accomplished together in 2016

By Canopy Team on December 20, 2016

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What a year it’s been! As the Canopy team reflects on our 20th anniversary year, we’re grateful for everything that our community of volunteers, donors, and friends made possible—in 2016, and over the the last two decades.

Twenty years ago, a small group of Palo Alto residents committed to restore their city’s declining urban forest, and Canopy’s seed was planted.

Today, Canopy has grown into a sector-leading nonprofit with a regional vision: a day when every resident of the Mid-Peninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.


Growing green communities is a team effort

Community is core to Canopy’s success and identity. Dedicated volunteers, donors, residents, tree champions, civic leaders, and conservation allies all working together make growing healthy trees possible. Thank you!

Planting, caring, and advocating for trees has always been been a team effort. From the very beginning, we’ve relied on:

  • Arborists and tree experts who ensure Canopy’s work is grounded in science;
  • Residents and advocates who ensure that trees have a voice in local policy;
  • City staff and public officials who champion and work towards a healthy environment;
  • Individuals and foundations who fund our efforts and help us grow;
  • Staff and interns who remain dedicated to quality results;
  • Partners who enable us to amplify our impact; and
  • Volunteers who work alongside us every step of the way.

As you can see, growing the urban forest takes hard work, long-term commitment, and lots of collaboration!

2016 by the numbers

This year was no exception. Thanks to our partners, volunteers, and supporters, we accomplished a lot!

327 trees planted

Number of drought-tolerant trees planted in local schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Trees form the backbone of nature in urban areas, creating greener, healthier environments where people live, work, and play.

2,900 trees tended

Number of young trees surveyed and tended. Caring for trees during the first few, most vulnerable years ensures healthier mature trees that need less maintenance and provide long-lasting benefits.

1,260 kids exploring trees

Number of school-aged kids exploring trees through hands-on lessons. Canopy’s tree-centric school lessons spark kids’ curiosity about the natural world, and give them a chance to discover nature right in their neighborhood. This year, Canopy hired a full-time Education Manager to strengthen and grow these programs.

16 paid internships

Number of paid urban forest internships for East Palo Alto teens. Through school year and summer sessions, our Teen Urban Foresters participate in every facet of Canopy’s work: planting and caring for trees, reaching out to the community, leading volunteers, exploring the value of urban trees and nature, and experiencing first-hand their own power to make a difference. 

1,250 volunteers

Number of volunteers making it happen! Canopy’s work would be impossible without our amazing volunteers, from a five-year-old learning to plant her first tree to experienced professionals who donate their time and expertise. The estimated value of volunteers’ incredible work this year is more than $209,000.

Learn more – and join us!

You can read more about what we’ve accomplished this year—and the incredible people making it happen—in Canopy’s 2016 Gratitude Report.

Want to dig in to help grow healthy trees? We have exciting new projects coming up, and we’d love for you to join us.

Check out ways to get involved or feel free to get in touch with us anytime!


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