Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Wheeler

September 9, 2019

Megan Wheeler is a PhD candidate at Arizona State University and over the summer she worked with San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and Canopy to analyze data on Palo Alto’s tree removal permits. The information gleaned from Megan’s report will […]

Christine Baker

Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Baker

June 24, 2019

Christine Baker

Meet Canopy volunteer, Christine Baker! Christine is a Palo Alto resident who has become very involved with Canopy since attending Community Forestry School in Fall 2018. She is one of Canopy’s amazing “Oak Spotters”, acting as a Survey Leader for […]

Rolled-curb Street Tree

BEAM Students Analyze Palo Alto’s Tree Removal Permits

June 3, 2019

Tree removal permits tell the story of shifting urban forests and species growth or loss over time. That is why Canopy’s Community Forestry Manager, Elise Willis, and Tree Survey Intern, Julisa Lopez, partnered with Gunn High School students in the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Alford

April 2, 2019

Kathy Alford

Meet Canopy volunteer, Kathy Alford! If you have been to a Canopy event, chances are you’ve met Kathy. Kathy wears many hats at Canopy: volunteer, committee member, staff, and friend. Along with her involvement with Canopy, Kathy also has […]

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

Tree Spotlight: Southern Magnolia

April 1, 2019

Tree Spotlight Series: Follow along as we learn about the fascinating trees that live among us. This series is in partnership with Rhee Lab in the Plant Biology Department of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Other posts in the series: ginkgo biloba, Douglas fir, giant […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Maria Parlante

March 11, 2019

Maria Parlante

Meet Canopy volunteer, Maria Parlante! Maria is one of Canopy’s incredible Education Leader volunteers. As an Education Leader, Maria helps Canopy bring nature, and the wonder of it, into classrooms. In this post, Maria answers a few questions about […]

Meet the Board: Geoff Paulsen

December 14, 2018

In follow up to our posts on Laura Martinez and Susan Rosenberg, Marty Deggeller and Shelley Ratay, Sally O’Neil and Kammy Lo, and Jane Jones—we’re thrilled to introduce Geoff Paulsen, board member since 2014 and Chair of Canopy’s Advocacy Committee!

Geoff Paulsen

Geoff Paulsen […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jenny Wei

November 30, 2018

Jenny Wei

Meet Canopy volunteer, Jenny Wei! Jenny is one of Canopy’s most prolific and dedicated volunteers. Since 2013, she has been involved with many of Canopy’s programs. From tree plantings to events, education to tree surveying, she’s just about done […]