Young Tree Care Survey

Survey trees!Young trees require extra care, especially regular watering, to ensure their survival in the urban environment.

Each year Canopy volunteers and partners comb through Palo Alto neighborhoods to survey the health of hundreds of young street trees. Sign up here to volunteer!

During the Annual Palo Alto Young Tree Care survey, volunteers:

  • Educate the community about the importance of trees
  • Engage residents in watering and caring for young street trees.
  • Provide basic “first care” such as removing suckers and weeding around the base of young street trees.
  • Gather data on the health, growth, and vitality of young street trees. This data is compiled in a report used by the City of Palo Alto to inform and streamline its tree care and maintenance efforts.
  • Evaluate the impact of community outreach efforts (such as Canopy’s Is Your Tree Thirsty? campaign) on improving the health and survival of young street trees.

There’s an app for that!

In 2015 and 2016, we piloted a new method of data collection using a mobile app. Instead of clipboards and printed reports, volunteers will be equipped with smart phones and tablets.

We’ll continue to evolve our digital data collection this year. Using the app streamlines data entry and analysis on the back end, enabling us to deliver survey data to the city sooner.

The user-friendly format is also fun for volunteers!

Video: How to complete a Young Tree Care Survey

Watch on Youtube – CANOPY: How to Survey a Young Tree 

Note that instructions will vary slightly with our new mobile app and digital data gathering. However, the survey categories and tree care methods are mostly the same.

Young Tree Care Survey Reports:

Canopy’s 2016 Young Tree Care Survey Report
Canopy’s 2015 Young Tree Care Survey Report
Canopy’s 2014 Young Tree Care Survey Report
Canopy’s 2013 Young Tree Care Survey Report

Canopy’s 2012 Young Tree Care Survey Report
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Canopy’s 2009 Young Tree Care Survey Report

2016 Young Tree Care Survey Sponsors:


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“I was so pleased to see that all but one of the trees I visited on the Tree Care Survey this year are thriving!”

~ Dedra Hauser,
Canopy Volunteer

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