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Meet the Tree Whisperer

Sunday, June 2, 2019
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto

Meet the Tree Whisperer, A Benefit Event for Canopy with Dave Muffly

“Twenty years ago, I asked myself a couple of simple questions. What are the best trees to plant in the cities of the San Francisco Bay Area? And what is the best way to grow those trees?” Dave Muffly

Canopy is thrilled to honor Dave Muffly, the innovative and visionary arborist for Apple who was responsible for selecting, locating, and planting 9,000 trees within the 175-acre Apple Park campus.

A Stanford graduate and Canopy’s first Program Director, Dave will share his passion for trees, oaks especially, and the wisdom he’s gained from 30 years of growing, planting, researching, and stewarding nearly 100,000 trees in numerous cities and communities. Joe Simitian, President of the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors will Emcee the event.

Guests will enjoy a presentation by Dave Muffly followed by a Q&A session, and a delicious brunch among trees that Canopy and volunteers planted ten years ago at Eastside College Prep’s campus.

Ticket sales have ended. Contact Development Director, Judy Sissener, at [email protected] with any questions. 

About Dave Muffly

Who is the "Tree Whisperer"?

Dave is the charismatic former Senior Arborist at Apple, who selected, grew, and planted the 9,000 trees within the 175-acre Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, bringing to life Steve Job’s vision of a tree rich park resembling the Stanford hills, where employees readily enjoy the benefits of nature.

Dave’s passion for trees, oaks in particular, developed on the Stanford campus, planting native trees as a member of the Magic community, while earning a degree in mechanical engineering. From there, Dave became Canopy’s first program director, orchestrating the planting of 500 trees in Palo Alto neighborhoods.  Later, while serving on the Canopy board of directors, Dave designed Canopy’s East Palo Alto Tree Initiative, the award winning planting of 1,000 drought tolerant trees along the Bayshore freeway. With some of the highest survival rates ever recorded by science, these trees provide invaluable benefits to the community as they scrub the air from nearby exhaust pollutants.

Dave’s wisdom and insight, gained from 30 years of observing, growing, planting, researching, and stewarding nearly 100,000 trees, is unparalleled and highly sought after. His mission in life is to create the best possible urban forests in California, capable of adapting to the changing conditions brought by climate change.  He’s continuing his research and experiment with species native from other areas, to select and grow those that he believes will survive and thrive in California. He’s playing an instrumental role in influencing the tree nursery industry not only to grow these species, but also to adopt innovative growing techniques.


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Eric Filseth, Mayor of Palo Alto
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