Take a Trip, Plant a Tree

Did you know that air travel is a major contributor to climate change?

Trees are nature’s answer!*

Consider carbon offsets. A gift to Canopy goes to tree plantings and tree care, one of the best ways to combat global climate change.

Balance your round trip across the U.S. for $60, or to Europe for $110, or calculate your own trip at 1 penny per mile. (Based on rounded up mileage and conservative rate of $10 per ton of CO2 emission averted.)

Make your gift today and select the “Carbon Offset” designation!

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*“An approximate value for a 50-year-old oak forest would be 30,000 pounds of carbon dioxide sequestered per acre,” said Timothy J. Fahey, professor of ecology in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. “The forest would [concurrently] be emitting about 22,000 pounds of oxygen.”

For more information, contact Judy Sissener at [email protected].

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