Is Your Tree Thirsty? Campaign

This targeted campaign brings attention to the importance of saving water and saving trees, especially during times of drought.

Through trainings, postcards, brochures, email updates, and high-profile banners, Canopy’s “Is Your Tree Thirsty?” campaign offers timely reminders and practical tips to help residents maintain healthy trees, even during dry spells.

Is Your Tree Thirsty? Community Outreach:

  • 20 ft banners strategically posted on Embarcadero Road, El Camino Real or University Avenue remind residents and passing motorists to water trees during hot summer months (when trees need it the most!).
  • In early and late summer, about 700 postcards are mailed to Palo Alto residents at addresses where a young street tree has been planted within the last 5 years. Postcards bring attention to the water needs of young trees and provide instructions about how to check soil moisture, water efficiently, and apply mulch to keep soil and roots from drying out.
  • Brochures left at residences during the Young Tree Care Survey provide more detailed watering and care instructions about young trees.
  • The Canopy website provides watering and care instructions specific to our area for all Bay Area residents and useful information to visitors from California and beyond.

Learn more about saving water and trees, or check out smart watering tips for mature trees and young trees.

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“With all this information and a probe in hand, you’ll be able to confidently answer the question “Is my tree thirsty?” With care, the answer
will be “No.””

~ Martha Blackwell,
Canopy supporter

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