Planting Leader Training (join our team)Planting Leader Training

Our amazing planting leaders are integral to our work growing healthy trees and healthy communities.

It’s thanks to their leadership and enthusiasm that we’re able to plant hundreds of trees each year, and care for hundreds more.

Planting Leaders are trained in tree-planting techniques and young tree care practices. They pass on their knowledge during tree planting and tree care events, providing guidance and instruction to groups of community volunteers. Along the way, planting leaders build connections and friendships, grow a thriving urban forest, and help create greener, healthier communities.

See photos from Planting Leader Training 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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About the Training

Want to volunteer outside, meet neighbors, and make a visible difference in your community? Get trained as a Canopy Planting Leader!

This free hands-on workshop is for teens and adults who want help lead community tree-plantings with Canopy.

Part One is an interactive classroom session in which you’ll learn about:

  • Tree planting and tree care techniques that Canopy uses to maximize tree survival;
  • Tree biology basics that illuminate how urban trees grow and thrive;
  • Volunteer engagement strategies that get every team member involved.

Part Two is a hands-on field training that allows participants to put their knowledge to work planting young trees in a local school, park, or neighborhood. During the field session, you will:

  • Experience Canopy’s tree-planting demonstration, and learn how to deliver the demonstration to other volunteers;
  • Practice planting young trees with coaching from Canopy staff and veteran planting leaders;
  • Create a greener community and grow the urban forest!

No prior experience or knowledge is required for the workshop; all skill levels are welcome. Current Planting Leaders also invited to attend for a refresher!

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