Canopy’s Impact in 2014

Our programs protect and grow the urban forest to create greener, healthier communities for everyone. Our 2014 goals became reality through the hard work and dedication of our our staff, volunteers, supporters, and planting leaders.

Read what we’ve accomplished together in Canopy’s 2014 Impact Report. pdficon

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Growing a vibrant urban forest

We are not only planting trees; we are transforming communities by growing an urban forest that provides life-giving benefits. Our approach is multifaceted: by connecting and engaging institutions, communities and individuals we build human networks that support urban trees. In 2014, we:

  • Planted 385 trees, completing our Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! initiative and exceeding our 5-year goal of 1,000 new trees in total.
  • Transformed barren schoolyards in East Palo Alto for 1,400 students.
  • Engaged over 2,500 students in the care of urban trees.
  • Ensured the health of 2,000 newly planted trees through regular maintenance and monitoring.
  • Over 1,000 volunteers engaged in more than 5,000 hours of work for a total value of more than $130,000

2014 InfographicMultiplying impact through community engagement

Our approach to tree planting and care relies on community engagement. The benefits of this approach are numerous:

  • Engaging students, families, and neighbors allows us to accomplish more. We also invite residents to connect, learn, and join us in our mission.
  • Empowering local tree stewards at every planting site and ensuring our volunteers are well trained helps us achieve rates of tree survival and longevity that are among the highest in the nation.
  • Educating residents about the benefits of trees while advocating with local government and institutions strengthens community support for protecting and enhancing the urban forest.

Fostering a new generation of nature stewards

School trees provide rich opportunities for students to explore and learn about urban nature that surrounds them. In 2014, Canopy successfully piloted hands-on, grade-specific lessons for 27 classrooms in the Ravenswood City and Palo Alto Unified School Districts. The lessons provide students with powerful learning experiences that engage their minds, bodies, and senses, igniting curiosity about the natural world. Canopy also engaged 6 high school students this year through service learning internships, providing stipends, job training, and leadership experience. The youth provide regular tree care—weeding, mulching and pruning—helping young trees thrive. In the process, they make connections between trees, nature, and their own communities, and learn the importance of caring for the urban environment.

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