The Art of Young Tree Pruning

Pruning Dude

Held 2-3 times throughout the year.

Next workshop:

Part one: Saturday, May 6 2017, 9am – 1:30pm
Part two: Saturday, May 13 2017, 9am – 12pm

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Workshop Description

Join Canopy’s Volunteer Pruning Corps! In this free, interactive workshop you’ll learn the art of young tree pruning with Canopy’s Program Director Michael Hawkins and other local experts. You’ll also join a dynamic team of pruning volunteers that helps maintain young Canopy trees throughout the community.

Part one includes classroom and field training to teach pruning fundamentals. You’ll learn what defines “good structure” for a young tree and how to achieve this goal through pruning. You’ll practice assessing individual trees, determining where to cut, and how to make cuts without injuring the tree.

Part two consists of a follow-up field sessions with hands-on pruning practice and on-the-spot coaching from skilled arborists. We encourage participants to bring their own gloves and pruning shears if possible, but several sets of tools are always available to share.

No prior pruning experience necessary; we welcome all skill levels, from beginner to professional.

Why join Canopy’s Volunteer Pruning Corps?

After the workshop series, you’ll be prepared to help Canopy maintain hundreds of recently planted trees in schools, parks, and public spaces in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and surrounding communities.

Pruning trees early, during their first few years, is critical to the trees’ long-term health and vitality. By joining our team, you can provide an invaluable service to the community, laying the groundwork for a healthy, vibrant urban forest that will benefit the community for decades to come.

See photos of past pruning workshops.