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General Inquiries:

3921 East Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
The office is on the first floor of the Peninsula Conservation Center building.

How can we help?

Tree programs in East Palo Alto and Volunteering: Email Uriel Hernandez, Community Forestry Program Manager
Tree programs and tree info: Email Michael Hawkins, Program Director (or use Tree Hotline form below)
Tree programs and South Palo Alto: Email Elise Willis, Community Forestry Program Manager 
Education programs: Email Natalie Brubaker, Education Manager
Donations: Email Maika Horjus, Director of Donor Engagement
Media and sponsorships: Email Shannon McDonald, Outreach and Operations Manager
Executive Director: Email Catherine Martineau

See a complete list of Canopy staff members.

Tree Hotline

Our expert arborist, Michael Hawkins, is available to answer questions about trees, tree care, tree selection, and more.