Caring for Trees

As much as we need trees for shade, clean air and natural beauty, trees need us for protection, water and care.

Why Do Trees Need Us?

  1. Smart Placement and Proper Planting: Tree species need to be selected carefully and placed wisely, so that branches don’t interfere with power lines or buildings, and roots don’t impact sidewalks and roadways. Check out the Tree Library in order to choose the best tree. Also, see Planting Trees for Canopy’s step-by-step planting instructions.
  2. A Good Start and Continued Good Care: Newly planted trees need regular deep watering, especially for the first five years. Weeds and lawn that compete for water should be kept away from the trunk. Trees need to be pruned properly and protected from mechanical damage from lawn mowers or other equipment. Learn more about Caring for Young Trees and Caring for Mature Trees.
  3. Landscaping: Native oaks need to be surrounded by thoughtfully designed landscapes, including drought-tolerant plants, and minimal water in the summer to avoid root diseases and early decline. Attractive bark mulch, and deep-watering can help conserve water, prevent weeds, and keep trees healthy in every landscape. Find more information and advice about Trees and Water and Tree Pests and Diseases.
  4. Long-range Planning and Quality Tree Maintenance: The urban forest requires monitoring and quality pruning and care to remain healthy. Trees that are declining due to age, disease, drought, or poor pruning practices must be removed and replaced with new climate-appropriate, site-appropriate trees to maintain the urban forest canopy. See our Tree Mistakes to Avoid that may result from unprofessional landscaping practices. Hire a local Certified Arborist from our Arborist List to advise you about tree selection, provide regular pruning services, or bring structure and good health back to neglected trees.

“After doing Canopy’s tree survey, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I took for granted that street trees grow by themselves without any protection, but I learned that young tree protection is important work.”

~ Student, Asia-US
Service Learning Program