Canopy’s Impact in 2013

Our programs protect and grow the urban forest to create greener, healthier communities for everyone. Our 2013 goals became reality through the hard work and dedication of our our staff, volunteers, supporters, and planting leaders.

You can read more in Canopy’s  2013 Annual Impact Report.

Tree Plantings and Tree Care

  • 316 trees planted including 53 different species at 13 planting events
  • 3,508 trees tended and surveyed
  • of which 672 young Palo Alto street trees surveyed and monitored by 52 Young Tree Care Survey volunteers
  • 55 tree care work days including structural pruning, watering, weeding, mulching and staking
  • 1200 volunteers engaged in 5,010 hours of work for a total value of $137,273

Community education and tree resources

  • 40 workshops and trainings
  • 12 free monthly neighborhood tree walks in partnership with professional arborists
  • 14 printed and online updated self guided tree walk brochures
  • 13 new planting leaders trained to oversee tree plantings throughout the coming year
  • Is Your Tree Thirsty? campaign to promote smart tree watering and water conservation
  • Tree Hotline answers to the tree care questions of 133 residents
  • 20,668 visits to the Canopy online Tree Library that provides localized information on 384 tree species
  • 3,527 visits to the Canopy online Arborist List that refers residents to area arborists
  • Right Tree in the Right Place program helped 24 residents remove trees growing under high voltage power lines, in conjunction with The City of palo Alto
  • TreEnews monthly information updates
  • How to Plant a Tree video
  • The Power of Trees lecture by Bing Professor of Environmental Science Gretchen Daily
  • Apple Campus 2 Tree Talk
  • 23 new volunteers and professionals trained in The Art of Young Tree Pruning by tree pruning expert Brian Kempf
  • 13 volunteers trained in Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop with local arborist and fruit tree pruning expert Kevin Raftery

Urban forest advocacy

  • Assisted the City of Palo Alto with the development of it Urban Forest Master Plan, regional water quality designs and urban environmental planning
  • Collaborated with the City of East Palo Alto on its tree care plan
  • Partnered with the City of Palo Alto Urban Forestry and Parks Departments staff on urban forest planning and maintenance
  • Worked with the Palo Alto Unified School District on implementation of their newly adopted Tree Policy
  • Advised the Ravenswood City School District on the management of their growing urban forest

Mentoring Canopy’s urban forestry youth staff

  • Offered training and hands-on skills development to 4 youth staff during their 3 month tenure. Oversaw 1,789 youth staff working hours

Kids’ environmental education

  • Reached 2,000 kids with educational programs and activities
  • Organized more than 20 educational classes and lessons at 11 different schools, for K-12th grade students, including Tree Identification, Under the Tree Book Reading, Carbon Cycle Game, “Sense-ational Tree Walk”, “Planting Trees is Fun!”, and Tree Circus assemblies.

Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! Initiative Milestones

Four years into our five year initiative to plant 1,000 trees on school campuses, we’ve almost reached our goal.

  • Trees on nine Ravenswood City School District campuses in East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park, and 2 PAUSD schools, 2 neighborhoods and 1 Palo Alto park, improving access to nature for 6,167 students
  • Our recent planting of 160 trees at East Palo Alto Charter School takes us to a total of 895 trees planted
  • 1,600 dedicated volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to take part in our plantings and educational tree care activities

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