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Canopy has an established reputation for bringing renowned environmentalists to the Bay Area through unique speaking events that benefit urban forestry programs.

Annual Events:

Annual Party (January)

California Arbor Week Celebrations (March)

Meet the Tree Whisperer, A Benefit Event with Dave Muffly

Dave Muffly

On June 2, 2019, Canopy was thrilled to honor Dave Muffly, the visionary arborist for Apple who was responsible for selecting, locating, and planting 9,000 trees within the 175-acre Apple Park campus. Learn more about the event and see photos from the day.

Matt Ritter: Oaks Among Us and Other California Plants

Oaks Among Us and Other California Plants with Dr. Matt Ritter

For Oak-tober 2018, Dr. Matt Ritter, botany professor and author of the new book California Plants, joined Canopy for, Oaks Among Us and Other California Plants, a visual tour and celebration of California’s iconic native flora. Learn more about the event.

The Wonder of Trees Gala

In April 2018, Hope Jahren, award-winning scientist and best-selling author of Lab Girl, joined Canopy for The Wonder of Trees, an engaging evening of discovery, inspiration, community, and—of course—trees! At Hotel Nia in Menlo Park, guests followed Dr. Hope Jahren into her world as a scientist, uncovering the secrets of the soil beneath our feet, the leaves above our heads, and the ways in which the lives of plants and people are deeply intertwined. Learn more about the event and Hope Jahren.

Urban Forestry for People in a Hurry

Palo Alto Urban ForestIn March 2018, Canopy in partnership with the County of Santa Clara, Our City Forest, and Bay Area Urban Forest Council hosted a workshop tailored for city management and local government. The workshop focused on urban forestry topics including benefits and threats, components of a robust program, urban tree canopy and health, and a panel discussion with local municipal arborists. Visit here for the workshop powerpoint presentation and resources.

Rooted in Jazz: An Earth Day Benefit for Trees

SAS Group Shot copyIn April 2016, Canopy was proud to present Palo Alto’s own San Andreas Singers for an evening of live jazz at the Palo Alto Art Center in celebration of the 2016 Earth Day theme, Trees for the Earth. With it’s colorful blend of jazz, rock, and bebop, the San Andreas Singers delighted Canopy friends with original compositions, jazz classics, and some surprising favorites. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the music and support urban trees!

Trees of Stanford: A Walk Through Time

Sairus PatelIn October of 2015, Canopy and the Stanford Historical Society teamed up to explore the rich mosaic of Stanford trees on a journey through the past, present, and future. The event began with a panel of renowned experts speaking about the diverse landscape, unique tree species, and rich arboreal heritage of the Stanford campus. Next, guests headed outside to explore one of four different areas on campus, embarking on tree walks led by panelists and other experts.

Read about the panelists.

See photos of the event.

Explore Trees of Stanford website.

Trees of Yosemite: Threatened Treasures

Bob RoneyIn August of 2014, Canopy and friends gathered around the campfire for a lively evening with author, park ranger, and master naturalist Bob Roney, also known as “Ranger Bob.” Roney continues his career of nearly five decades at Yosemite National Park, first as a firefighter then as a park ranger, and always as an enthusiastic steward of one of America’s greatest treasures. Ranger Bob captivated us with stories from his time in Yosemite, highlighting some of the Park’s most iconic trees and illustrating the human and natural forces that both threaten and shape Yosemite’s forest ecosystem. After Ranger Bob’s fire-side presentation, Canopy and friends shared marshmallow-roasting, s’mores, and more tree talk around the fire embers. See photos of the event here.

Gretchen Daily: The Power of Trees

On September 26, 2013, Canopy welcomed Gretchen Daily, renowned author, global thought leader, and ecologist. Daily’s latest work, The Power of Trees, offers an intimate stroll through the forest and reveals the secret life of trees. Featuring photographs by her co-author, Chuck Katz, the book invites readers to appreciate the wonder of trees through a scientific lens. During the event, Daily shared about her work at Stanford, which uses economic tools to protect our planet’s most precious local and global resources. Daily also drew on photos and ideas from The Power of Trees to help us understand the value of growing and renewing our urban forest. See pictures of the event here.

Apple Campus 2: Growing a Forest

The plan for Apple Campus 2 includes 7,000 trees and a landscape design of meadows and oak woodlands, creating an ecologically rich oak savanna and forest reminiscent of the early Santa Clara Valley. The campus will recall our agricultural past with sustainably farmed orchards of apricot, apple, cherry, persimmon and plum trees.  In August of 2013, Canopy took a virtual tour with Apple Senior Arborist Dave Muffly, Olin Landscape Architect Sally Reynolds, and The Morley Bros. Principal Eric Morley. This fascinating conversation covered designing a landscape for an iconic building, designing with the environment in mind, re-creating a sustainable Californian landscape, and how to plan for 7,000 new trees.

Richard Louv: Bringing Nature Nearby, Our 15th Anniversary Dinner

For our 15th Anniversary, Canopy welcomed 200 guests for a dinner with Richard Louv. We unveiled our goal to plant 1,000 trees at schools by 2015 through our Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! program. We hosted a fun and inspiring event, shared our enthusiasm with new and current members, and showed many people new ways to be involved with Canopy. Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! is a multi-year shade and fruit tree planting initiative that primarily aims to improve school campuses and parks in underserved communities within Southern San Mateo County. The event supported Canopy’s efforts to engage children, community, and corporate volunteers in the revitalization of schools and campuses. The trees we plant will create healthier learning environments for students, bring much-needed shade to play areas, increase energy efficiency of school buildings, break up heat islands on campuses and even provide healthy snacks! 

E.O. Wilson: Biodiversity and Our Future, Healing Mother Earth

E.O. Wilson, renowned scientist, author, and environmentalist, spoke at Canopy’s 2009 benefit lecture, E.O. Wilson: Biodiversity and Our Future, Healing Mother Earth.  Drawing a crowd of 850 area residents, educators and students. Dr. Wilson shared his insights on the complexity and diversity of natural ecosystems around the world and how they interconnect, calling for increased research and understanding into the fast disappearing species and environments that sustain our planet. KQED Radio host Michael Krasny emceed the event.

Download a copy (6MB) of Dr. Wilson’s PowerPoint. Check out photos from the event (see Flickr photos) as well as video (see FORA TV).  You can also listen to a KQED radio interview with Michael Krasny.

Sir Thomas Pakenham: A Summer Evening with Remarkable Trees

Two hundred guests attended Canopy’s 2008 benefit fundraising gala under the London Plane trees of Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park for a summer solstice dinner lecture with author/explorer Sir Thomas Pakenham. Pakenham is the celebrated author of Remarkable Trees of The World and Meetings with Remarkable Trees, among others, about his global travels researching and photographing great trees of the planet.

(See Flickr photos)

Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai: Canopy’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala

Canopy celebrated a decade of urban forestry programs with a 2006 gala dinner and reception featuring Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement. Canopy also launched its East Palo Alto Tree Initiative with a ceremonial tree planting in East Palo Alto.
(See Flickr photos)

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“Canopy…brings exceptional environmental leaders to our community from Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai to E.O. Wilson. In short, Canopy is a powerful force integrated into our community in countless ways.”

~ Nancy Peterson,
Advisory Board member

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