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Ventura Neighborhood Planting

This spring, Canopy is partnering with the City of Palo Alto to plant new street trees in the Ventura neighborhood.

Planting Day Details

Saturday, March 21st, 9am – 12pm
Meeting Location TBD15031859033_75a729b75d_z


Earlier this spring, the City of Palo Alto and Canopy staff surveyed the Ventura neighborhood to identify potential tree-planting sites. After considering factors such as size and location, growing area, soil conditions, and presence of utilities and overhead wires, we identified over 50 sites where a new tree could safely thrive. We then categorized each site as “small” or “large” based on overall area and the presence or absence of overhead wires. For each category, we chose a short list of drought-tolerant tree species that would be appropriate to plant.

[Sister City neighborhood planting concept]

[E.g. This tree planting is part of a special Sister City Tree Planting between a Palo Alto and East Palo Alto neighborhood. The first tree planting will be October 22 in University Village in East Palo Alto. (Link to branching out) The second tree planting will be this one in Midtown in Palo Alto]

Neighborhood Participation

In late February, the City mailed a letter to each resident with a planting site near their home, inviting residents to participate in the process as we plan and plant a new generation of trees in this local urban forest. Residents are encouraged to steward the trees near their home and are invited to help choose among the tree species options for the sites they will steward.

If you are a Ventura resident responding to the City’s letter, we invite you to use the form below. You can also reach Canopy’s Outreach Coordinator, Maika Horjus, at 650-964-6110, ext. 5 or [email protected].

Tree Planting Volunteers

Even if we are not planting a tree adjacent to your home, we invite you to participate in the tree-planting event in March. Please use our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM or email Maika at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest!

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