Canopy Advisory Board

A talented group of arborists, community leaders, and professionals provide expert advice to Canopy.

These advisors and committee members include:

Ann Bilodeau
Lauren Bonar Swezey
Butch Byers
James F. Cook
Urban K. Cummings
Marty Deggeller
Dave Dockter
Anne Draeger
Susan Ellis
Patricia Foster
Jeff Greenfield
Diane Guinta
Uriel Hernandez
Joe Hirsch
Nathan Hoffman
Leannah Hunt
Nico Janik
Kim Kelly

Carole Langston
Peying Lee
Scott Marshall
John McClenahan
Dave Muffly
Carol Olson
Sally O’Neil
Sairus Patel
Geoff Paulsen
Nancy Peterson
Forest Preston, III
Susan Rosenberg
Liz Schwerer
Jeffrey A. Snyder
Jane Stocklin
Shersingh Tumber-Davila
Jenny Wei
Lanie Wheeler

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“Canopy Advisors
are one phone call away.
I am fortunate
to have access to
such a group of skilled
professionals and supporters.”

~ Catherine Martineau,
Canopy Executive Director

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