2014 Goals

Create Outdoor Equity: Tree Planning, Planting and Care

  • Plant 270 new trees on school campuses in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto and Ravenswood City School District (RCSD) schools
  • Monitor and provide tree care for Canopy’s increasing inventory of young trees (2,000+ trees)
  • Organize neighborhood and street tree plantings in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto
  • Engage community volunteers in tree planting and tree care workdays

Cultivate a New Generation of Environmentally Literate Kids

  • Deliver 34 school-based nature education lessons and reach 1,020 kids in East Palo Alto and RCSD schools
  • Empower and teach kids through youth-focused tree plantings
  • Engage Canopy’s East Palo Alto Teen Urban Foresters in our year-long environmental-science curriculum, leadership training, and tree care programs

Address drought in all Canopy programs

  • Inform decision makers and residents on ways to conserve water while preserving trees
  • Provide water conservation education to community members and tree owners
  • Expand DriWater Pilot Project

Educate Residents on all Tree-related matters

  • Offer free neighborhood Tree Walks, workshops, and talks to community members
  • Offer educational workshops and materials in Spanish
  • Provide education resources to residents on:

      • Selecting the right tree for the right place, and drought tolerant species
      • Planting trees for optimum health
      • Caring for young trees and mature trees

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