Image of girl wearing mask and holding shovel. Text says, "Together, we're growing community trees for all."

Today, we know that nature in our cities is essential. Healthy urban environments depend on healthy trees—to protect residents from extreme heat and air pollution, to give every child a green space to play, to reduce disease and nurture wellbeing, to create connected communities with a sense of pride and place.

But community trees need community care, especially now as cities and counties tighten their budgets.


Your gift this fall will be MATCHED

To keep urban forests thriving, eight Canopy funders have come together to MATCH every gift through December 31st, up to a total of $52,000 $74,000.

Will you join us to grow community trees for all? Your year-end gift will be matched. Give today ››

Thank you for nurturing our community and its trees!


How Your Gift Makes a Difference

“Our post-pandemic challenge will not only be to preserve the last remaining natural places, but to create more of them, especially in cities—and to make sure all children and adults, not just a few, receive the gifts of nature.”  – Richard Louv, author and journalist

  • $75 provides one year of care for a newly planted tree in a school or park.
  • $125 purchases a healthy young tree for a school or neighborhood, along with the stakes, straps, and mulch to keep the tree safe and help it grow.
  • $250 sponsors a Community Forestry School student for our next cohort, equipping them tools and knowledge to champion trees in their own neighborhood.
  • $500 plants a tree in a school or park, including all the site prep, irrigation, and follow-up care to ensure the tree will thrive.
  • $1,000 funds a citizen science Great Oak Count Survey route, protecting and enhancing local ecosystems.
  • $3,000 funds a Canopy Teen Urban Forester stipend for one year, empowering a high school student as an environmental leader in their community.

Your gift of any amount grows the urban forest, connecting people of all ages with nature outside their doorstep.

Fall 2020 Match Funders

Our deepest gratitude to Canopy’s Fall 2020 Match Funders, matching up to $52,000 in grassroots donations – with your help, we’ll meet this goal!

Meryl and Rob Selig

Nancy Drapkin

Susan Rosenberg

Matthieu Devin and Catherine Grange

Law-Sun Community Fund

Mary and Christopher Dateo

Kammy Lo and Kowsik Guruswamy

Marty and Judy Deggeller

Anonymous (3)


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