Rolled-curb Street Tree

Request a Street Tree

Palo Alto residents can request a street tree for their residence from the City at any time. Street trees are the trees that grow on the right-of-way between property lines and streets, or—in the case of rolled curbs—trees that grow in the 5′ right-of-way from the sidewalk into the front yard. Technically, the city has the right to landscape this land as it wishes—city policy is to encourage the planting of street trees, but not to force residents to host unwanted trees.

Canopy works with the City to make arrangements for street tree plantings, recruiting local volunteers to plant and maintain the trees. The City supplies the trees and offers some maintenance. But it is up to the residents to ensure the healthy growth and survival of these neighborhood trees.

To submit a Tree Request, call the City Tree Section at 650-496-5953 or fill out the form below.