Neighborhood Tree Walks

This educational program is a cornerstone of Canopy’s work to engage residents in the growth, care and enjoyment of one of our region’s most beautiful and beneficial assets.

A Tree Walk often provides a first-time opportunity to observe, appreciate and learn about community trees and their role in creating healthy, vibrant communities.

See the full list of Palo Alto Tree Walk routes, or sign up for an arborist-led Tree Walk here.

About 30 people join Canopy on the second Saturday of each month for a 2-hour walking tour of some of the most interesting tree specimens in Palo Alto. The certified arborist guide presents historical and scientific information, and offers tree selection and care advice that participants can use in their own landscaping projects. 

The walks span Palo Alto’s neighborhoods and parks including private organizations such as Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. Tree Walk trees are also referenced in the popular online Canopy Tree library.

“On Canopy’s Tree Walks I’ve been learning about the latest in arboriculture as well as how to care for my own individual trees. What an invaluable experience!”

~ Dan Collins,
Palo Alto resident