Training and Workshops

Canopy offers hands-on workshops, trainings, and presentations on numerous tree topics.

Tapping into our diverse network of volunteer arborists, landscape professionals, and environmental leaders, Canopy provides expert instructors on issues such as tree planting and pruning techniques, fruit tree care, smart watering techniques and much more.

Upcoming Workshops

The Art of Young Tree Pruning

Part 1 – Saturday, May 2nd, 8:30am – 3pm
Part 2 – Multiple dates available (May and June)

Join Canopy’s dynamic team of citizen pruners! And learn the art of young tree pruning with Michael Hawkins, certified arborist and Canopy Program Director.

Part one of this this free workshop series includes 3.5 hours of classroom training and 2.5 hours of hands-on field training. Spanish instruction is available at the landscape professionals workshop the day before. In part two, participants put their new skills to work in at two or more foll0w-up field sessions, with hands-on pruning practice and on-the-spot coaching. Click here to read the full workshop description or sign up to participate.

Recent Workshops:

Education Leader Training 

Over the last year, Canopy has developed new classroom education programs and successfully piloted them in schools in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and surrounding communities.

These lessons give kids the opportunity to learn outdoors with hands-on activities that spark their curiosity about trees and nature. 

As we expand these education programs, we’re looking for volunteers that are excited to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

Our 2014 workshop for new volunteer Education Leaders was held November 4th and 6th. Stay tuned for our 2015 workshop this fall!


Planting Leader Training

Each Fall, Canopy invites community members to join our team of volunteer Planting Leaders.

Our amazing planting leaders are integral to our work. Every planting leader is trained in proper tree-planting techniques and young tree care practices. During planting events, planting leaders pass on this knowledge to groups of planting volunteers, providing guidance and instruction throughout the tree-planting process.

Every fall, Canopy holds a planting leader training to welcome new planting leaders and give veteran planting leaders a chance to sharpen their skills.

Part one includes an introduction to trees, proper planting technique, and early tree care methods. Part two consists of a hands-on field day where trainees can practice their new skills.

Our 2014 Planting Leader training was held September 4th/5th and 6th. See photos here.

“The series turned out to be the extra push I needed to explore my curiosity about trees, allowing me to delve into my affinity for them.”

~ Martha Blackwell,
Canopy supporter