Planting leader training group learning how to work a root ball

Training and Workshops

Canopy offers hands-on workshops and trainings throughout the year.

Tapping into our diverse network of volunteer arborists, landscape professionals, and environmental leaders, Canopy provides expert instructors on issues like tree planting and pruning techniques, fruit tree care, smart watering techniques, and much more.

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Planting Leader Training

Each Fall, Canopy invites community members to join our fun, dynamic team of volunteer Planting Leaders.

Planting Leaders are trained in proper tree-planting techniques and young tree care practices. During planting events, they pass on this knowledge, providing guidance and instruction to groups of tree planting volunteers.

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Education Leader Training

Are you passionate about trees, nature, and education? Do you enjoy working with kids?

Canopy’s tree-centric school lessons give students the opportunity to learn outdoors with hands-on activities that spark their curiosity about trees and nature. As we expand our education programs, we’re always looking for volunteers who are excited to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

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The Art of Young Tree Pruning

Join Canopy’s dynamic Volunteer Pruning Corps! And learn the art of young tree pruning with local experts.

Part one of this this free workshop series covers pruning fundamentals through classroom and field training. In part two, participants put their new skills to work in follow-up field sessions, with hands-on pruning practice and on-the-spot coaching.

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“The series turned out to be the extra push I needed to explore my curiosity about trees, allowing me to delve into my affinity for them.”

~ Martha Blackwell,
Canopy supporter