Tree planting, tree care, hands-on learning, and environmental awareness are at the core of Canopy’s programs.

Tree Planting

Canopy’s tree planting program concentrates on improving the environment of schools and neighborhoods in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and surrounding communities. Canopy provides tree design plans, maintenance plans (including irrigation systems) and tree sourcing. The program culminates in community tree planting days when volunteers plant trees and learn about Canopy’s commitment to growing and protecting our urban forest.

Tree Care

Every newly planted tree needs mindful tending to establish vitality and healthy structure in an urban setting. For young trees, we provide expert staff oversight, regular tree check ups, Teen Urban Forester work days, volunteer tree care service days, and community education. For mature trees, Canopy provides education and organizes volunteer tree maintenance days to maintain healthy roots and trunks.

Education and Outreach

Canopy offers education for adults and kids in a variety of formats:  Hands-on tree plantings, tree care service days, and volunteer workshops; monthly tree walks; special events; and information disseminated through our website and newsletters. To cultivate future generations of urban forest stewards, we also provide a variety of interactive school-based programs to spark kids’ curiosity about trees and nature, develop tree care and environmental science literacy, and deepen student appreciation and awareness of trees.

Teen Urban Foresters

Canopy employs high school youth from East Palo Alto as tree stewards and young leaders in urban greening through the Teen Urban Forester program. Students work part-time and participate in every facet of Canopy’s tree planting and tree care work — planting, pruning, and caring for trees; leading volunteer groups; assisting with events; and more. Along the way they develop valuable workplace skills, gain experience in leadership and public speaking, and make a visible difference in their local communities.


Canopy speaks for the trees through all of its work and provides consultation to cities, school districts, and organizations.

Community Services

We strengthen city programs, educate the community, and mentor other urban forestry organizations and initiatives. We also provide tree advice to help residents select the right tree, care for it properly, and preserve a mature tree canopy.

“The scope of what Canopy does is stupendous, everything from inventorying native oaks to conducting neighborhood tree walks, but there’s never any loss of focus on its mission of protecting Palo Alto’s trees.

~ Sue Thiemann,
Canopy Volunteer