Growing the Canopy – Major Gifts Campaign

Thank you for being part of our Growing the Canopy Campaign team!

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Board Member and Solicitor Dashboards (Donor Assignments):

Leila Abu-Sharr

Kate Disney

David Collins

Marty Deggeller

Marilyn Keller

Beth Lim

Sally O’Neil

Geoff Paulsen

Susan Rosenberg

Sesha Srinivasachari

Wen Shu Tang

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1. Post-Meeting (or phone call) Reporting Instructions

You’ve completed an ask meeting  or a phone call — thank you! 🙂 After your meeting or phone call, please:

  • Report the Results (within 1 day). Use this link to the google form.
  • Send a hand-written thank you (within 1 day) if it was an ask meeting.
  • Follow up however you said you would. 
  • Collect and turn in the pledge form if the donor makes a multi-year pledge.

2. Campaign Documents:

3.  Samples and Templates

2015 “Art of the Ask” Templates:

Questions or concerns?

Maika’s cell: (360) 909-9012 – office: 650-964-6110 x5 – email:

Catherine’s cell: (650) 575-5310 – office: 650-964-6110 x2 – email:

Thank you for all your efforts!