Board of Directors

David Collins, Chair, is a risk management and treasury professional who works for a life science equipment manufacturer in Palo Alto. David has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Rice University. Having grown up in Montana, David enjoys the outdoors; his hobbies include skiing, gardening, and biking. David relocated to California in 2006 and now resides in Palo Alto.

Sally O’Neil, Vice Chair, is a lawyer and former journalist who works for Stanford University, where she specializes in research contracts. Sally is a Palo Alto resident and longtime Canopy volunteer. Gardening, traveling, reading and hanging out with grandkids are her favorite activities.

Marilyn Keller, Secretary, was elected to the Canopy Board in October 2011. Formerly a biologist working on health, environmental and safety issues associated with utilities at PG&E, Marilyn now devotes a lot of her time to working in the community. She was appointed to the The City of Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission in October 2005. She is an active member of the Palo Alto Unified School District Sustainable Schools Committee.

Beth Lim, Treasurer, is a finance and program management professional. She serves as the Director of Practice Development for CLASS Consulting Group, and mentors/volunteers with Girl Ventures in San Francisco. She spends her spare time rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and generally enjoying the great outdoors. Beth is a resident of Palo Alto.

Leila Abu-Sharr is a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and a Mountain View resident. Previously, she worked at several Bay Area startups, including World Centric, a manufacturer of compostable foodservice products. Leila has been volunteering for Canopy since moving to the Bay Area in 2012 and joined the Board in summer of 2015. Leila holds a BA in French from the University of Southern California and originally hails from the DC area. In her spare time, Leila enjoys running, swimming, yoga, and of course, caring for trees!

Marty Deggeller is a retired Aerospace manager who has been a Canopy volunteer since 1997. He has previously served two six-year terms on the Canopy Board and was Board Chair for four years. He grew up in the forests of Washington state and has had a lifelong affinity to trees including several summer jobs in the forest products industry and early work with International Paper Company. Marty is a Stanford graduate, a long-time Palo Alto resident, and a member of the Palo Alto Kiwanis Club.

Kate Disney is on the engineering faculty at Mission College in Santa Clara and Cabrillo College in Aptos. Kate has a B.S. and M.S. in electrical Engineering from UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara respectively. Kate joined the Canopy Board in summer of 2015. Previously, she served eight years on the Los Altos Planning Commission where she continuously advocated for canopy-producing street trees. Kate is a bay area native, and enjoys road trips and camping with her family.

Geoff Paulsen is recently retired from the Park Service. Geoff’s childhood on a Palo Alto ranch next to Foothills Park gave him a deep love of the outdoors. Over the course of his career, he has worked as a park ranger, open space planner, and public health manager. He has managed his family’s 380-acre forest in Mendocino County for 26 years. Geoff is Vice-Chair of the Cupertino Parks and Recreation Commission and on the Board of Friends of Stevens Creek Trail. He enjoys prescribed burning, hiking, bicycling, writing, history, church leadership, and tinkering with old Mercedes cars. He and his wife Janine, a school nurse, have four adult children. Geoff holds a B.S. in Natural Resources Planning and Interpretation and a Masters in Public Administration.

Maria Rocha is an experienced educator and is passionate about the legacies we leave behind. She wants her legacy to be one that inspires people to care for our planet Earth. Maria enjoys teaching young children both academics and sustainability. Maria has volunteered in East Palo Alto at a sustainability organization that teaches young children the value of environmental stewardship. Maria holds a Bachelors and an MBA with a focus in Health Care Management. In her spare time Maria likes to garden and plant fruit-bearing trees that provide plenty of fresh fruits throughout the year.

Susan Rosenberg was raised in a small town in central California that boasted more oak trees than people. She co-founded and successfully concluded Palo Alto’s Trees for El Camino Project. She is also a founding board member of Canopy.

Wen Shu Tang is a software engineer working in a technology startup company in Palo Alto. Previously, he was a software engineer in Cisco Systems for four years. He volunteered as a project lead in a nonprofit consulting organization where he helped several bay area organizations achieve sustainability. Wen Shu has an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. In his spare time, he enjoys a wide range of activities from tennis, running, biking, traveling to reading and learning about biodiversity and environmental sustainability. In the summer time, he enjoys hiking and exploring the high Sierra of California. Wen Shu is a resident of Mountain View.

“Canopy meshes strategic vision and planning, technical know-how, volunteer and community partnering, educational outreach, and STILL manages to plant and care for thousands of trees on our streets and neighborhoods.”

~ Susan Rosenberg,
Canopy Co-Founder and Former Board Chair