Success Stories

Three Cupertino High School Girlfriends Volunteer at Canopy

Mary Rose and Lillian Klein are twin sisters and juniors at Homestead High School in Cupertino who have grown up under the influence of their dad’s passion for camping and hiking. “It’s made a big impression on my life,” says Mary Rose, “I’ve learned to love the environment and love nature.” Both girls are taking an advanced placement environmental studies class and aspire to become outdoor education leaders.

Saturday morning their friend, Arisa, awoke to her phone ringing. It was Mary Rose asking her what she was doing for the day. “Do you want to come?,” Mary Rose asked. Arisa answered yes and the three girls headed to East Palo Alto for a 9am tree care work day at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.

A few weekends later, with rain threatening, they did it again—this time for an emergency work day. Canopy’s young trees at Brentwood Academy were overrun with mallow. The three girls joined a team of 19 youth staff employees and volunteers to weed and mulch 50 young trees.

“The worst has been taken care of,” reported Natalia, Canopy Tree Care Program Manager.

Lillian reflected, “I’ve done a lot of community service. Most of it has felt like I’m just doing it for extra credit. But with Canopy, I could actually see the difference. It’s doing something to change the schools in East Palo Alto.”

Mary Rose chimed in, “It was really fun!”

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