About Canopy

Canopy protects and grows the urban forest in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and neighboring communities.

Because trees are a critical element of a livable, sustainable urban environment, Canopy’s mission is to educate, inspire, and engage youth, residents, businesses, and government agencies to protect and enhance local urban forests. 

Read about Canopy’s plans in Canopy’s Strategic Plan Summary.

Learn more about Canopy’s work in the 2013 Annual Report.

Canopy has a broad range of urban forestry programs, including:

Tree Planting: Expanding our urban forest. Canopy is engaged in a major initiative to plant 1,000 trees at schools by 2015.

Tree Care: Tending our young and mature street trees

Education and Outreach: Engaging the community and sharing the latest in arboriculture science

Urban Forest Advocacy: Working with public and private agencies to protect our forest as a whole

Community Services: Providing guidance and advice for City of Palo Alto programs and mentoring other organizations

Tree Awards: Celebrating local individuals and institutions who work for the benefit of our urban forest

Canopy manages all these programs with a small professional staff, dedicated board, community partners, and hundreds of volunteers

As a professional organization engaged in national and local best practices, we are proud to be partners with Cal Fire, California ReLeaf, and the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT).


If you have been a volunteer, supporter, or recipient of our work, please write a review about us on Great Nonprofits, or join our Facebook community to share your experience with others.



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